The Carebears are revolting

WTF is a carebear and why do people have to pidgeon hole people?

Ok, lets look at carebears to start with.

I’ve read a few blogs in my time, whilst passing the the hours of employment that gets in the way of Eve time.  It seems everyone has a different definition of what a carebear actually is.

The general feeling is that a carebear is someone that sits in highsec just mining and missioning.  Yet I have seen a post (sorry I dont recall who) that suggested a carebear is someone that mines – period… High, low or null sec and avoids pvp.

But if you follow the pidgeon holing idea does that make everyone that lives in lowsec a pirate?

And what name has anyone come up with for nullsec dwellers (and worm holers come to that)??

Fairs fair, if you are going to name 1 group surely that should go across the board!

So the only real carebears are probably the macrominers!!

Just to upset the naming applecart, I’m a carebear that spends time in lowsec and occasionally null and pvp’s when the need arrises. I suppose the fact I mine on 4 accounts means I have some sort of psychosis… Now if only someone would come up with a way to fit a strip miner to an Orca I could shed 2 accounts lol…

Ok, that subject has been bouncing around my head for a while…..

Dont fly straight…. 😀


6 Responses to “The Carebears are revolting”

  1. Heh, nice one Maniac, good to see you finally got started blogging.
    And just for the record, I have never done as much grumbling in any of my posts. lol
    Keep up the good work

  2. lol, I was trying to see if I’d get a bite 😀

  3. Maniac

    You have never flown straight my friend and thats only when you have managed to track down where you left your ship.

    Nice start lets see how your blogging devlops 🙂


  4. Lol Cootsy, I’m still loosing ships…

    Last one was a Viator that was left on an Orca that was leant to my Alt. Took me a while of searching and stressing to track it down. I could see another petition to ccp only to be told thier logs show nothing. If ccp were a public company they would have gone bust years ago with thier incompetance!

  5. Nice work, keep it going, 9.5/10

  6. Much appreciated all. Thanks for the comments. I am new to this blogging business so still trying to develop my writing style!

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