That was close!

ok, been having a lot of luck recently in lowsec; some down to tiredness and some down to pure skill/luck *delete as applicable

I enjoy working in a little quiet deadend pocket of lowsec but that sometimes leads to complacency…

Whilst scanning moons in an Anathema I forgot to turn the cloak on before I set off for the next moon. Luckily the next moon was empty (yes I’ve done this at least twice)

Whilst traveling to the next lowsec sector I was only half paying attention when I decloaked next to an Atlas alliance HAC and I was in my 1/2 fit Occator. Luckily I think the pilot was either not looking for me (never actually had any dealings with Atlas) or he was even more tired than me, as he allowed me to warp from the gate without even trying to get a loc. Maybe he just felt he wouldnt be able to lock me and scramble me because of my awesome fit – which would show he REALLY doesnt know me!!

The second occurence was an epic scare on my part. My Alt was orbiting a control tower waiting for it to anchor and online, in a Anathema so was cloaked up. I set the tower to watch so I could see the timer going down, when I caught the sight of a ship passing the tower. I’m sure my heart actually hit my throat as my cursor showed it was my alts ship….. DOH!

Yes I was watching local, but I have seen reports of people not showing up on local (possibly an urban legend but who knows!).

Meh… Skills wise I am 10 days off being able to train Large Railgun specialization and or XL Hybrids both of which I believe I can get at least to level 2 on the 11th day. So I just need to hammer the belts to get the minerals for the Moros (the bpc’s I bought years ago). I bought the rares but they still need transporting to my production station , but thats for another day.


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