Time is a tireless mistress

Time… it must be female because it is relentless lol
I never seem to have time for everything I want/need to do in Eve. I needed to add some modules to a POS and that took 3 -4 hours. I want to make an adjustment to another pos but I need to mine.
Need to mine doesnt really do it justice… I have 1 more ship to build to complete an order – hell its currently the only order in the queue (note to self – update website to reflect that we are not closed) but once thats done I can start collecting ore for the Moros project. Oh and more Ice :s
I’m going to mine Ice once a week, whether I need to or not. 3 macks and an orca (thats just me) should be plenty. I also need to look at getting ice refining as the person I got the skills to do that job is harder to trace Lord Lucan….
So, once I check the new pos is working as planned I need to hit the belts HARD.
I’m pondering making another char and getting it into a Hulk. I sold 1 not long ago and made 2bill Isk which was a handy injection of funds, but I have just started spending that float so I need to make some isk…
Level 4’s are a nice way to make some easy isk (if you dont get destracted and loose your ship) but again… fitting in a level 4 as well as mining is down to the dreaded TIME factors again. Nope… mining it is I think. So if you know me, you’ll know where I’ll be tonight… Belt 4 hitting the roids lol

Rant warning

WHY THE HELL do people think its a good idea leaving a can in a belt saying “xxxxxx corp is coming soon”? Do they really think they can lay claim to a belt? Noooooo that just makes us strip the belt that bit harder! “Sure you can have this belt – now its gone!!”

Rant over…

Dont Fly straight!


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