Skillz void

I’ve hit a wall on ship skills. I just dont know where to head with ships… I’m all at a loss. I can fly a Thanatos and Moros so I’ve gone as big as I concievably want to go. I like the look of the Nyx but I like the freedom to change ship and drop into Highsec when I want. I’m neither ready nor have the need to tie myself to any one ship for the time being. I know one of my fellow bloggers has a Wyvern (Ninveah) but he has a second char ready to pilot the ship should he need to.

So the next logical step for me is to back train – which I have partially started on. My current training plan has about 50 days left on it. The original scedule had nearly a year, but due to a bug with my API I managed to loose my training plan, and for some reason I cant put it back togeather! I think I’m just going to try and level 5 all the ships I can currently pilot which will take the pain away from getting a new T2 ship unlocked when I decide which direction to go in. I’m planning on sliding in Ice refining in as well so thats an extra 23 odd days since my char is set up for gunnery, missiles and ship skills which all share the same attributes (thankfully). It made a remap all the more usefull as normally I cant justify to myself that its worth tying myself into for the sake of a few weeks training.

The ships I currently fly on a regular basis are…
Hulk / Mackinaw (depending on what I’m mining)
Rattlesnake for missions
Occator/Viator for lowsec runs of items
Shuttle or Stealth bomber for lowsec transits.
If I’m moving stuff round high sec I just tend to grab whats nearest that can complete the job! Yeah I’ve been known to carry bp’s or skill books in anything from a assult ship to an Orca 😀
I suppose being a carebear I dont need a lot else, but I should look to the future…. SHOULD lol

I may even “pop” down to null and visit some old friends in the future. I have a stable of nice T2 ships on my Alt and they could come in handy on a bit of pvp. That char is currently working on Hic so I’d like to try that puppy out! Although I’ve got 23 days to hit the recommended level on that ship so it gives me time to get some chores done!

Incidently… this is one of my top 5 fave blogs…  ninveah

I have loads that I follow but that is one of the first 2 I check everytime! Awesom trailer as well as great posts.

This is the other… letrangeeve

Maybe 1 day I’ll figure out how to add blogs that I follow to this site, but I’m struggling to get my head around this site…

I’ve been having discussions with one of my corpies that thinks I’m eventually going to withdraw to lowsec permanently. I’M NOT… NOPE, NOT A HOPE! Lowsec is nice to visit but I wouldnt want to live there. Its just not my style of eve. Its like null… I find it quite stressfull to spend any real time there. Its a pain knowing that if you stop in the wrong spot you could loose your ship. Some people call that a rush… heh… go jump of a bridge if you want a rush lol

Oh man… someone slipped up on her skillz.. I’ve just been checking on my wifes char and noticed an epic fail of drone skills missing. Drone interfacing, drone sharp shooting, heavy drones – all missing but now learning to level 1. Hell its a start… once the shield skills that are queued finish in 3 days I’ll get her slamming her drone skills to level 4 at least. Its sacralidgous for a Gallente not to have epic drone abilities! Last time we did a mission togeather she moaned her drones weren’t killing fast enough… hell I think I may have discovered why! Interfacing is the biggest damage boost at 20% per level so 5 drones would do as much damage as 10 with level 5 interfacing.

Great… I’m supervising 4 accounts at the moment… 3 I have no problem what to get them to learn… my main… meh… nothing..! Its like all things in Eve… you have 3 or 4 skills you need to learn *NOW* and end up doing something else as you cant decide – or is that just ME??


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    Subscribed to your blog, keep em coming. 🙂

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