Ice to see you

Ice Arrrrrgggghhhhh

I hate the stuff; its the blood of our pos’s and the fuel of the devil. Without it our pos shields would collapse and our modules would offline – although shields going offline on thier own can happen even with fuel in the tower (Yes CCP I would still like an answer to how my pos’s shields went down and then back up at system reboot and you say you are not responsible for what went missing during that time) 😦 .

I can’t put my finger on why a lot of people find mining the stuff so boring. I sat for 3 hours (ish) and filled one of my Orcas twice during that time. Running 3 mackinaws and 1 orca means you have too much to do to not watch the screen but not enough to stop you getting bored. The one thing that stops the boredom is having someone to chat to ingame, but my normal hours of online time means I am pretty much alone….

And Ice mining takes you to another level of boredom..
I managed to get 10 minutes sleep between unloads which is handy, but I’m always aware of getting jumped whilst I’m napping! Sleeping whilst mining in highsec is a lot safer than during missions though lol.

Another blogger I know warped into a mission and forgot to set his defenses before he went downstairs… returning to find his pod floating in space!

Sorry, theres that tangent sneaking in!

I did a test collection to see if its viable to collect Ice to sell over Pyro.
I mined 1 load in a Macinaw and 1 load in a Hulk, both of which took around 12 1/2 minutes and I sold both for market average for the domain area.
I found selling the collected material in its natural state it was 150 k per load better off to stick with the Pyro. I didnt test the other ores as it was very late but there is a balance to the argument..
If you were to Macro mine (not that I’m advocating the practise) or Fleet swarm a belt for profitssss you would be better hitting the Ice. Although its around 600k an hour worse, you wont have the problem of running out! With Ice you can just sit there and mine, and mine, and mine. The only ship that has to move (in my case) is the orca.
But, yes, as I stated earlier Ice mining is insanely boring.
Maybe there is something ccp could do to make it a little bit interesting? Might be worth considering. Maybe an increased amout of rats in ice belts, since all the ones I’ve seen are around 200kms long. Yes you might end up with 20 or 30 rats attacking 1 mackinaw, but it would certainly stop the macro problem, or people getting bored! The only downside would be people ‘farming’ the rats for some easy isk.

Theres so many tediums in Eve… for me at least. Even having to refresh your extractors in PI can be a drain when you have 3 characters doing it. Yes I have 3 to try and make enough coolant for 1 medium tower… gawd knows how many I’d need for a large!
But I do like the hinted at upgrades for the PI system that are proposed for the winter update. The update suggests you will get more return from regular maintenance, but how that differs from the current set up is anyones guess because thats how it works at the moment!

Don’t fly safe


2 Responses to “Ice to see you”

  1. Damn, Maniac,

    My Lady and most of my friends call me a “Grumpy Old Man”, but I’m sure that if I could get them to read your blog they would all agree that I am not as bad as you. lol

    Heh heh, keep it up mate, I really enjoy reading your stuff. 🙂

  2. Dang… Aeryn agrees with you, although my daughter says you need to put bald in as well :s

    I’m not really as miserable (well not all the time) but I suppose the more I think about some things the more negative I get!!

    Maybe I’ll try and stay positive with my next post – but dont hold your breath lol

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