The Anti-Griefer

CK has raised the subject of griefing within the game.
There is at least 2 sides to the griefers argument, but a lot of it is down to how you actually complete the task.

Some people just make it personal, when eve is (apparently) just a game.

ninja flippers (mission and can) and gankers rely on people getting caught out ot not paying attention. Ninja flippers just need people to see red and open fire.

Scamming is something you can avoid but just being carefull about what you buy, and pay attention to the details. The old saying that “if something seems to good to be true then it probably is” rings true if you are buying from contracts or certain market orders. Selling a Megathron as a Navy issue megathron is just blatant scamming. But buying like that is just asking for trouble. By the time you are able to fly a BS you should know enough about scams to avoid this trick.

There is another scam where you place a sell order on in a station thats popular (Mista for example) and put the price really high. Quite often people dont check the details and just choose the top item.

But, depending on if you are the griefer or the griefee depends on where you probably stand.

I have been the victim of being gate ganked, but have also turned the tables on 1 can flipper that decided to flip newbies cans. One of my corp mates had a can flipped so I went mining with him in a dessy loaded with T2 guns and 1 mining laser… and unloaded a can of whoop-ass on him when he flipped another can.

The griefers will tell you its just another element to the game, but the griefee would say they are getting enjoyment from ruining someone elses game.

I’m with the “round up all the griefers and shoot them” brigade!


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  1. Added to the list thanks!

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