Lost and *NOT* found

Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t moan… *but*

I managed to have a few problems with my pc, so I did a reformat and reinstall of everything – well, I say everything, but in reality I install things as I need them in some cases. It’s amazing how many programs you accrue that you don’t use anymore.

I logged in full of cold because I knew my pos was probably screaming for fuel – which it was. So I remembered my alt was able to train heavy interdictors and I had already bought the skill book… but can I find it? Can I jiggery… So I thinks “Install Evehq” and search your items

So I set evehq to download and get told I need NET framework 2.0 before I can install it. So I download 4.0 (must be the better version – right?) but before I can install that I need to install something else…
So I back track and do the WIP (whatever) and then 4.0 and STILL couldn’t install hq 😦

So I went back and installed 2.0 – only to be told I couldn’t install 2.0 until I had installed 2.0……. Aaaaaaargh!

Please EVEHQ makers… could you bundle the files together? It would make life soooo much easier for everyone!

So I get it installed and it moans about a database… just as well I’m not a novice on a pc or I would have been scared off 15 minutes ago!
The worst of it is I have 2 main accounts to check…. it could feasibly be on other accounts :s

But, this character lives in an orca (most of the time) and that’s where it turned out to be ^^ How it got there… well I put it down to the ccp fairys (some people call them GM’s but meh)

So my alt now owns a Devoter but fitting it will take about 2 -3 days approx..I know I dont go into null much, but I am planning on visiting my old corp to get some pvp experiance. I’ve also been suggested on a battleship to bring so I’ll probably do that as well. From what I know of pvp it helps to have a stable of stallions ready to cover any angles the FC comes up with. Yeah, this carebear has teeth!

My wife decided to return to eve to show some mining usurpers that they cannot take over the belts of our home sector – the only downside was she logged in to find herself and a couple of her ships in an ice sector (nope… no idea how *that* could have happened. Nor where the mackinaw came from she now owned…

Thanks CK for adding me to the blogfest list… its nice to be noticed by another of the well known bloggers!


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