Here we go round the mullberry bush

I love these notifications from DED about a pos about to run out of fuel…. they always fill my heart with such joy!

It would be nice if they actually told you exactly what is running low and how much time you have left. Nowadays I dont really stress too much when I get one as I know you get around about 20 hours worth of warning so now I dont go running for the pos to check… been there + done that!!

So, tonight I found I had about 18 of these messages, so I look at the evemails and compare how fast the fuel is going down, so I can guage what is needed. Then I checked my items and see I have the required fuel nearby.

So off I trot to lowsec only to find out the fuel was back in highsec… facepalm moment lol.

So how do you pass the time when you are doing something tedious in Eve?

I.e. Solo Ice mining…

I’ve been known to talk between my alts in local which usually deteriorates into a full blown argument and drones have been known to be set on each other from time to time… lol

The silliest one was the person trying to extort isk out of players in local. His opening gambit was ” Someone pay me 50 million isk or I start killing miners”. Now, running a fleet of 3 ships I might be cautious over this, but I went to my ice belt (hell there was around 100 other people in the sector so if it was legit I’d have some warning before he came after me…) But someone complained in local that he had just destroyed his mining ship when I noticed the char parked in a hulk in the same ice belt as me 🙂

So I sat back and watched the chat… I was going to let the other person he was threatening know but he was something to do with a tax collecting corp so he had it coming to him!!!

I have also been known to watch a film or play on a console, but they can both be risky! I managed to loose a Legion on a mission once because I had to have the sound down on my laptop and an “interesting” part of a film came up! I wont make that mistake again!!!

Dont fly straight!


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