Skilling up!

Ok, I realize I havent said anything about my training directions, so I’ll do that now.

Maniac69uk >34 mill sp 

Currently on the long and arduous road that is T2 hybrid railgun training, I had thought (about a week ago) I was days from completing this skill set… but, alas… I’ve still got at least 19 days.  I was aiming for XL hybrids a little too carefully, so I forgot things like level 5ing medium rails, sharpshooter 4 + 5. I’m not sure where I’m going after Hybrids are finished, but it will either be T2 Heavy missiles, ship skills or more gunnery skills. Although with my current mindset it’ll likely be all of the above!!! But total training time on this particular skill run is around a year, since I did a neural remap to maximize these training times on missiles, gunnery and ship skills.

Maria Doos >28mill sp

This char is a little more of a specialist. Being our fleet boost and orca pilot, her current skill plan is Heavy Interdictor. This plan finishes Thursday morning (3 days from now) but that final skill also knocks 3 days off the heavy assault ship list. I’ve just noticed this char needs to get a grind on some of the more core skills (energy man 5, Energy grid up 5, warp drive 5, shield man 5, repair systems 5).

Schmacshmu >16mill sp

This character was created to be Aeryn’s alt (my wife), but I seemed to have ended up running it. This was just a mining alt, but since it has the ability to train I have been toying around with some interesting additional skills. I tried to get a reasonable tank ability, but I wanted to get at least 1 of the chars in the corp to be able to operate a black ops cyno…    I’ve still not used the Sin for what its intended – hell it’s still not fitted properly as I want it to be a fully T2 fitted ship. So schmac is learning cyno 5 and then all the skills to fly a covert ops ship. 75 days for all the skills listed in evemon :s The other thought I have for this char is to use the active account to create an alt to sell. Since the char doesn’t need anything he could actually be paying for himself in the long run. The time training would be repaid as isk (which could be used to buy plexes) but we would still have an efficient miner working for us.

Yes, all my skill runs are made through evemon and I add all the required skills and then the recommended certificates. This may lengthen the training list unnecessarily in some cases, but no doubt the training time will help for something in the future!


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