The long and winding road

I know I don’t have a preset day for posting here, but that is a tactical move on my part. Some times I have more to say than others so keeping posting random also doesn’t ‘force’ me to write something to post for the sake of it!

But that said, I’m away from eve for a week due to RL commitments so I probably wont get chance to post either ūüė¶
How much work can 1 weeks absence make??!! I’ve got skills planned for 4 characters and I just need to run the numbers for fuel now. I just hope I wont have to buy too much, as I want the pos’ to have at least 2 weeks worth of fuel in – just in case. All BPO’s are due to finish their research any time now, so I can get them back in for another round.

I’ve taken some advice on research and I’m going to stop working on mine once they hit between 30 – 40 ME. PE I’m not sure about but I might just check the market to see what is around. My plan is to copy some of the corp’s BPO’s to build ships and I may even sell off some BPC’s to make some isk. I need to get a Raven BPO at some point as that is always a ship we end up building for people!

Maybe at the end of the month I’ll start building the parts for my Moros (meh… I’ve still got to collect the rares from the various stations I bought them in). I’m slowly reducing the amount of stations I have stock in, but I know I wont get it bellow 5 due to my operating methods. I’ve got my main home station, The station for Ice, Lowsec and the sector just outside.. and lastly the station I do my level 4’s from.

Things like my PVE ship I find are easier to leave in a set station and shuttle down, or take an industrial to bring back the loot!

Oooh another blogger Dense Veldspar¬†has announced the latest winter patch coming from CCP. Always interesting to see what we have to look forward to! A Sansha¬†mothership is on its way…. NICE! I hope its not¬†another cross train job, as I dont¬†think I could stand another level 5 battleship skill to cover, never mind the cost of the carriers skillbook!

I’m still struggling to get the pos to pay for itself, although once the reactions start to come together¬†I hope things will start to pay off. Also what may not have helped is the quantities I have been doing . I really need to take a step back and look at making what I need, and keeping a record of the isk I spend to buy the ingredients. A couple of the low-level¬†parts I am mining myself, but they aren’t¬†a set so I have to buy the matches and other types. It’s still¬†quite scary¬†when you look at what you want to make, and then trace it back multiplying everything by 100 as you go.

¬†Once I return from my other business I will start a chart to try to¬†track the quantities. I’ve bought 90% of the reactions needed so I can write that ISK¬†off as it’s a¬†1 time purchase. The only thing I will be looking at is cost of purchases and then a mark up to cover fuel costs. As long as the final figure is under the market cost I’ll be happy. If not I may have to find a new moon to set up on. My current moon contains atmospheric gas and Cobalt which aren’t anything to exactly get excited about!


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