Return of the Mack

Well, after my weeks holiday (although its only a holiday for the anklebiters) its good to be back… I think lol

I logged into eve and immediately received a batch of notifications about low fuel (although I put in 10 days worth to cover 7 so how that works???)

Anywho… pos all topped up but I never put on anymore reactions as I still havent sat down and worked out what I need to run. The last batch was just “great I have a reactor up – wtf can I do with it??!!” so I’m hoping that what I produced will be usable in my grand scheme! I made shedloads so I’ll possibly never have to do that reaction again!!!!

I’ve started building the components for the Moros thanks to a certain member of my corp that was hitting the belts whilst I was away! Ran out of trite so I’ll probably hit the Veld tonight amidst my calculations!

Wow… CCP seriously moofed the system didn’t they! Even though I installed the patch and the patch-patch; Last night the overview problems I had were…

2 of everything

Overview disappearing and or resizing itself across the WHOLE DAMN SCREEN

stations and gates from the previous sector (which incidentally flashed red and looked like they were trying to attack me in a mission… lol)



Well all characters pretty much finished their skills last night so that worked well with the break. I’m tempted to start working my alt into a Paladin (amarr marauder) but I’m hoping most of the skills can be worked as part of other plans she has to do. So many plans and so little time.


Change of direction

Well, I’ve been pondering this for a while but not really spoken to anyone seriously… I’m thinking about dropping an alt ceo in to cover the corp and possibly going out to null for a while. The game has become stagnant with JUST mining. Even doing a level 3 last night (which turned into a pain in the ass) didn’t really help. I might have to maybe take a week out and hammer some level 4’s. It helps the isk and can be a nice diversion, but Maria has a nice stable of T2 ships that are just begging to go into PVP so maybe it’s just her that will leave for a bit. I think I’ll finish her Guardian skill plan before I do anything.


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