The war machine commeth!

Well, our poor little mining corp has been war decced by a 4 man corp… 1 Legion, 1 Tengu and 1 megathron is all we’ve seen so far. We havent engaged yet because we will do it when WE are ready. They appear to think we are a macro mining corp that will just roll over and pay them the 140 mill in ships they have asked for….. FAIL

We are planning on taking more than that from them in ships! I even suggested to my Co Ceo that we build the ships the asked for and use them to fight them lol
We could pay but that wouldnt be fun now would it? We didnt roll over for the last dec and we arent going to this time!!! Anyway, thats all I can divulge on the subject due to operating secrecy.

I did some research into Hulk construction (well T2 in general but you get the picture) not a good result. Unless I can secure a supply of a certain moon material at a good price its not really going to be that cost effective to build. Possibly make 20 mill per hulk selling at 160 mill.

I’ve been on singularity this week and had a play with the new character generation software… Its buggy as hell! It uses insane amounts of memory so on my machine even running it as the only application its stuttery. The dials seem to produce random results… if you click it 2 positions and then back again you dont end up where you started??? Also whilst I was using one dial the damn colour dial was moving… very annoying. Nice Idea but I hope they commit more resources to it as some of the results are damn impressive!


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