Epic Fail

Well, ccp have done it again!!!!
They created a patch… then they repatched the patch… then they repatched the patched patch… and now they have repatched the repatched patch
I just hope theres no more…. lmao

Well, the war ends in a few hours and there’s been zero hostility.. Mind you, for us its organizing enough people to be online at the same time… because I dont like loosing ships…..!
So, its back to the mining tomorrow as we have at least 1 order waiting. I could have fulfilled it, but I wanted to keep our stock of minerals incase we needed to build more ships to fight with.
At least this war has given us all a boot up the jacksy to get our pvp skills trained. I didnt realize how many skills I have at level 4 when for a 2 1/2 year old char they should be level 5.

Once all the orders are completed I have to do some major ice mining. I’ve left it for too long… and on top of that our plexes are finishing! Mine had 4 hours… then there 2 other accounts that both have 2 days left. I bought 2 from shattered cystal so we just have 1 to buy. Damn price is sooooo high atm… ne’mind… I’ll just have to make a few tier 3 battleships and get them on the market. 1 of each should sort it… no point flooding the market with 1 type of ship lol

Dont fly straight….


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