A directionless ship

Well, the wardec is well and truly over (for the time being some corp mates believe) and I am starting to consider my options. Boredom is a terrible thing and even though we didn’t get chance to fight the rush of leading them on a merry dance kept the interest up.

We got offered the chance to join a new alliance but that appears to have gone by the wayside, especially as one of the other corps turns out to have pirate tendencies. They are attempting to take over a lowsec sector and rent out the moons to smaller corps. Now, before anyone says it… I know the larger alliances does it in null sec, but there the bonuses are bigger! Hell, 1 rat would pay my docking fees for the whole night! So I’m not sure I want my corp aligned with that sort of behaviour.

So the choices I’m faced with are… Stay in the corp and out of an alliance for the time being, or (shut?) leave my corp (perhaps in the hands of an alt) and join another alliance (NC Corp maybe…). So in the meantime I am taking my pos’s down. Maybe when/if I decide to put them up again I may get a better moon. I’ll make sure I have a couple of months worth of fuel ready. I might even put up a small tower and use it to research bp’s. Corp wise things are floundering.. there’s only my 3 or 4 chars and 1 other person that logs in religiously so I suppose if he does decide to leave (as he has hinted) I may return to one of my last corps… I know they would have me back – especially if I get the Moros built first!!

So mining is back in full swing… project Moros is a go (again). We’ve already started building the parts so that’s a blessing! It’s a long old slog with 2 hulks and an Orca. I could use a 4th character but then I couldn’t watch “The Unit” which I do like to distract myself with! I’ve watched series 2 -4 so now I’ll go back and watch series 1 lol.

Skills wise things are going nicely… I’m about 7 days off any Large T2 hybrid guns… so after this my gunnery skills should be at least half my wifes (please god play fair!). How the hell she got 7 mill gunnery skill points and I have 4.5 mill but I can do more damage…. go figure!

Maria is going to be getting a faction battleship in the near future. Not sure what sort though… possibly a nightmare.. just need to work out which one and then I can work on the cross training for the ship skills. She has pretty good shield and armor tank skills so that’s a good foundation.

Don’t fly straight!


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