Juggling Figures

Well, I have taken down my larger POS, so that should reduce demand on my cash flow (for Flow read Haemeredge). I may swap the medium pos for the large in the future, but for now the Medium will have to suffice. Unless I can convince more people to join us and mine Ice as supplying 2 pos’s on one person AND mining ore to build ships doesn’t lend much time for missions and other distractions!
All of this isn’t helping with the Eve-lull that all of us experience at some time or another. I think I may need a vacation from eve.. it’s the only Wife I have at the moment and although that’s great most of the time, sometimes a mistress can re-enlight interest in the old “ball and chain”!. that’s a terrible place to be for any of us, and I need to salvage my love whilst I still can.

So before anyone says it… NO You can’t have my stuff! I’m not going anywhere… I’ll still be flitting around – I have 4 chars to monitor and a pos that needs refueling!

I’ve just started a new project which is quite strange. I was asked to transport some ore 2 jumps in a freighter and some of the quantities are very appealing. So I think I’m going to buy a load of transport containers and fill them up! I may also go to the same sector as the customer and stock pile them there! I think a week should cover it, especially if I throw everyone at the challenge!  If I strip a belt normally I end up with about enough to just about build a battlecruiser so this new sector could be quite interesting as the roids are considerably bigger! They say a change is as good as a rest so I’m wiling to give it a try.

Don’t fly straight…


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