Just for Lolz

Anyone ever bang away at a skill plan and once you can fit and fly the ship suddenly wonder…. WHY?
Why DID I bother? For me this case is the Black ops skills. I looked at the Sin from afar *sigh* its beautiful. Yeah ok it looks nice….
I finally got T2 large rails and I’m 3 days off T2 large blasters so I can fit my sin. I bought the ship over a year ago with the idea of having a covert ops battleship.
Now, if someone had pointed out to me far enough back that you can’t warp cloaked in a black ops ship I may have thought again. I was told this by a corp mate, but I wanted to believe that he was mistaken and CCP wouldn’t have made such an epic FUBAR…
Wrong answer! I was into single figures on the training plan so thought I may as well continue it. Battleship lever 5 was the 1 skill that really stung.. but it was essential to learn carriers and Dreads which were also planned training runs so in a lot of ways the training wasn’t totally wasted. Sure there were a few extra requirements but, meh, that’s Eve!
My main sticking point with the Sin was that I didn’t have an alt with covert cyno skills… until recently. I also belong to a highsec (carebear) mining corp that doesn’t do a lot of pvping. For some reason my character sheet doesn’t show any of my kills.. as few as they are! The losses are there but that’s life lol.

I have a few ships in my stable that people say “Why have you got one of them?” (I’m referring to across 2 accounts). Mostly it’s just “because I wanted to” but really its down to a non existant future plan. One of those back of the mind possible/feasible/who knows things. After the recent wardec I realized we had become complacent with carebearing. I need to get some pvp training in, even if its just my alt. I need to take some ships into null and fight the good fight! I’m starting to assemble a load of throw away ships.. ok, not exactly throw away, but if I build them to lose then it wont hurt too much. Everyone says “never fly what you can’t afford to lose”, and whilst this is good advice… I’d just respectfully like to say Rassssssp!

Back in the day I climbed into my first myrmidon and went off to do a level 3 mission without insuring it. I breezed that mission (rescue the wench or whatever) and then got given it again… so off I flew. I returned to station minus the ship…. scraped togeather another myr, fitted it and undocked. Re-docked minus ship… grabbed my mining Brutix… refitted for the mission and off I went. Yeah… I came home without that ship as well. At which point I worked out how much isk I’d gone through and was ready to quit. But that was 2 years ago… I didn’t have the isk to throw away, but I found a way to get back on my feet. Yes I have ships I can’t afford to replace *now*, but 1 week from now is a different case… I am experienced enough to know how to create that isk. Be it whoring the ‘roids for a couple of days or running level 4 missions between myself and my alt and pooling the earnings.

At the moment I am saving isk by not having to buy a lot of skillbooks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m buying 1 or 2 new ones as I reach the requirement but essentially I’m not taking any new directions. I have a hell of a lot of directions open to me within my skill set but my training plan is currently getting my T2 gunnery skills up (should have been done over a year ago really) and back building up my ship skills. I’m also sliding a few core skills in (energy grid upgrades for example) and just nudging them to level 5 to get the maximum out of my abilities. It’s nice to look on EFT and realize its not your skills holding you back. Actually that’s a lie… there’s times when I look at a ship fit I want to run only to get told that I don’t have the abilities to fit all the guns. If I can’t fit them all it must be my skills… but wait…. they are level 5… DAMN!

I think I need to get my head away from PVE fits and into PVP fits. Some of the ships I am trying to achieve are technically PVP ships and everyone knows those ships aren’t usually cap stable… hell if you can get a pvp ship cap stable a lot of people want that fitting; especially if it works as well!

That brings me to the subject of PVP fits… there’s so many bits you *can* fit on a ship it gets very confusing. I can post a fit that looks technically sound in a friendly corps public channel and get 8 or 9 suggestions on ways to *improve* it. 1 would have done… It’s a pity there’s not a scoring system to fitting ships. you know… very part has a certain score and if you get over 20 (for example) you know you have a half decent pvp fit. People like me would have half a hope! Don’t even get me started on shield fits… I’m an Armor tanker through and through. But… I can operate shield tanking ships (doesn’t mean I know why I have this bit fitted).

On EFT I can create setups to hit 200k EHP, and on EVEHQ I can set up a ship to take less EHP but is able to tank 9000 DPS… but not both. So which is the right solution? At the end of the day Eve is all down to mathematical equations. I guess If you are fighting a fleet you need to be able to tank  dps but have a reasonable tank, but in smaller encounters you just need to handle the dps. Logistics add another element entirely… but which sort of logistics? Hell, you turn up to a pvp fight in ANY logistics ship and you will be welcomed with open arms.

To my mind, the best logistics are armor helpers (Guardian anyone?). Why? Well, if you are flying a shield tanked ship and are backed up by a Guardian, you technically have a double tanked ship. especially if you are getting all the attention from the guardian. I suppose you could argue the opposite, but, shut up… I’m talking lol. That may just be down to my armor tanking heritage.

Sooo… back to my training. My plan is to get my ship skills up to level 5 on all the gallante ships I can fly. This will open up other ships in the future without the need to hit the level 5 skills that I wished I’d done when it wasnt essential. That was the way of the last war… we knew what ships we wanted to fly, but to manage the fittings the way we wanted meant everyone had to change their plans and try to boost our abilities. Realistically this meant that we spent the week not actually doing anything (well I played hide and seek – I went to another sector and docked and waited for them to come online and come looking for me lol) but mostly because our corp operates in different time zones it meant there wasnt enough of us online to envisage a win… which for me is pivotal on me undocking!! Its one of the reason we have considered forming an Alliance with a couple of other corps that operate in the region. I say looking as one of the corps appears to be edging towards taking over a lowsec sector with in the safety of thier current alliance… well until PL hot dropped some super capitals onto them and took out one of thier dreads and thier Pos… lol

Don’t fly straight.


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