Reasons to be

Kirith Kodachi posted here asking why we pick the race we do.

I used to belong to an X forum and some of the members were discussing Eve. One post mentioned to someone about not being Amarrian because they all disliked them (Caldari and Gallente players), so although I wasnt 100% sure which race had been previously mentioned (by the time I got round to trying Eve) I had a feeling it was the Amarr race. I didn’t know why they had a dislike of that race… but anywho…

I plumped to try Gallente, and after hearing all about the Drone usage I settled on sticking with my first choice! In hindsight I think Caldari might have been a better choice, but I have cross trained to cover shield tanking and all the T1 Caldari ships up to and including Battleship (my current PVE ship is a Rattlesnake).

My Alt which followed a couple of months after my main was set up as Amarrian as some of their ships are really nice looking (Damnation anyone? 😀 ) The lasers are also a bonus as you don’t have to keep a cargo bay full of ammo to have a selection or ranges. It would be nice if CCP could come up with an electronic missile for the amarr so their cargo bay wouldn’t suffer by having to be stuffed to the brim for a battle, especially if you have to worry about Cap charges..!

I am considering training the Minmatar ships next, as I have taken a precursory journey into that region. I wanted to be able to fly the mammoth so I bought the skills books up to battleship, but never seemed to get round to it – Typical with Eve… there’s always more skills that need training! And my skill plan list is getting longer by the day. Luckily Targeting level 5 keeps cropping up (Yeah my bad) so that is at the top of the list (along with Advanced Weapons Upgrades). The upgrades skill is needed for fitting of various ships, but I have an eye on a Marauder as well… I picked the wrong 100 days to change corp and go off into null lol!

Don’t fly Straight!


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