And now for something completely different

Well, plans are afoot for me in Eve. My Co-ceo and I decided we were getting bored just mining all the time, so we have made some plans.
The POS’s have been taken down, Ceo role has been passed over to one of my alts and I handed back roles to the corp for myself and my main Alt. The plan was to go back to the corp I left now they have left their alliance (incidentally I left BECAUSE of the alliance) and they are going into a new alliance. But then the new group was moving regions so I was advised to hold fire. But now they aren’t…
Sooo I’ve been mining, and mining, and yes…. mining. I’ve been killing belts worse than before! Originally I was collecting Mexallon to sell (4m m3 = 100mill Isk). Then I was chatting to one of the destination corps directors who mentioned he was desperate to get some (more?) Dreads together.

 Sooo Project Moros is back in full swing… I bought the bpc set over 18 months ago (maybe longer) but couldn’t fly the thing, and when I could didn’t really have the need for it! I started building the bits, but it was a “back burner” project which has now been brought to the front of the queue! In the past couple of days I’ve mined and built over 100 of the required parts. In fact I keep running out of build slots as only 1 person in the corp can build the bits (my wife’s account), but that is giving me time to replenish the minerals being used!
The downside is I don’t know what minerals I’m short on so I tend to just murder the belts of everything instead of just doing a “mine to requirements” run. Pyerite is a major need for me so the Scordite is drying up in my home sector. It seems a shame to only mine 1 ore so I usually hit Kernite and Veldspar when I have the complete fleet out. Orca plus 2 hulks if I’m on my laptop… Orca plus 3 hulks if I’m on my main pc. I guesstimate… if all goes to plan I should have all the parts produced for next weekend (Nov 13th). RL is also getting in the way as I have a job to do for 4 weeks… handy for X-mas but it doesn’t help my mining lmao. My health dictates I shouldn’t really be doing the temporary job I have, but they need my unique skills so I’ll have to keep taking the tablets and muddle through. It should mean I’ll have more to blog as I always get withdrawal symptoms when I’m away! My last corps forum has more posts by me through boredom and “Absent From Eve Anxiety” (AFEA) TM they are still trying to catch up.

I have to watch what I say at times… it appears there are certain places Eve should not be mentioned…

  1. Before, during or After sex
  2. During the romantic meal you take the partner for, to apologize for playing eve too much
  3. On holiday during an enforced Eve break
  4. During a family x-mas dinner
  5. During you partners tv program/film
  6. When your partner is in child-birth….
  7. Meeting the outlaws for the first time (unless they bring the subject up 😀 )

As I said earlier, I was mining to build a shed load of ships to throw away in PVP (yes, I know when you undock in a ship you should expect not to fly it back but I don’t play like that). I am aware I desperately in need of some PVP training and experience. I have won 1 fight, and that was more of a ganking! 1 of my new corp members told me someone had flipped his can so he got a frigate and attacked the can flipper, but he lost the ship. So I happened across a WH that jumped from my sector to about 4 from him (saving a 20 odd sector run so I grabbed a few bits and went and joined him. I fitted a Dessy with 1 mining laser for appearances, warp scrambler and a full complement of T2 small blasters and went can mining with him. Our friendly can flipper turned up and did the business on our can… so I locked him, scrambled him and then destroyed his ship! “I wasn’t expecting that” he said… “I only came down here to kill you” was my response… the upshot was my corp mate was able to mine undisturbed by that person! He saw 1 mining laser and didn’t get suspicious!

Anyhow… The old corp has a strong PVP presence so I can get my hands dirty in a better enviroment. Under the old Alliance they operated in Providence under NRDS (not Red Don’t Shoot) which lead to a lot of people loosing ships, because by the time you had received intell that they are actually dangerous you were pointed and dieing. I believe you even had to file a KOS request before you could open fire on someone attacking you. You weren’t even allowed to attack war targets unless they attack you first. But this new alliance is NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It) so if they arent Blue they are fair game. Now I know we made some good friends in Provi that started out as neuts, but we encountered more “unknown” reds so we were left on the back foot by the messed up policy.

New Alliance, new area (for me), new experiances (when I get round to finally joining them!)

Don’t fly straight!


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