And Finally…

Well, maybe not Finally,  but anywho…

Project Moros is complete (collecting Ore and building the parts) so now I just need to get them into lowsec for construction. And there begins the challenge. I originally guestimated the parts to be 3 freighter loads and If it had been 3 Obelisks it would have been. I wasnt prepared to make the 46 odd jump route 3 times. So using the Obe, Fenrir and providance on 3 chars just leaves 1 Indy load to move up now.

I need to scout out the destination lowsec sector to gauge the best time to jump 3 freighters in, unload and back out. Luckily the new corp has offered to help on that job. I have a prefered time to do the task but if its not safe I’ll have to get some backup. Incidentally if I chose to try and indy it in (Ity 5 with rigs) it would take at least approximately 100 trips.

I’ve also got the logistics to arrange to get my carrier into the area which is looking like 3 cyno jumps just to get to the required lowsec region. I can’t get aim for null as I don’t know 100% the destination sector (we only know an approximate location) so I’m getting as close as I can! Looking at the local lowsec sectors I may be better thinking outside the box. I put an alt in the area last night and saw it is a very busy area so my best move might be find a lowsec sector within 1 jump from the null target sector. Lowsec pipes to null are generally busier with gate camps than back-water areas so that is going to be my base of operations. Now I just need to check the possible jump locations from the Target sector (can’t remember the designation) for the Moros since that has the smallest jump range for the ships I’m considering building.

I need to max out my jump ranges at some point but they are getting to the stage where its getting silly amounts of time to level up and theres always something else needed. At the moment I am level 4ing my shield resistance skills as my Pve ship has been showing signs of not resisting the way it should. Yes I am Gallente and I mission in a shield tanked ship, but hey… its a ruddy Rattlesnake so its 1/2 Gallente :p

But in the meantime I’m going to be going back to the belts to replace the ore I’ve hammered. The final day of the build I spent 15 mill isk on ore to finish it as I didn’t want to stretch it to another day! So tonight I think I’ll just go in and clear a belt of everything since it all helps. I’ve had enough of only hitting kernite/veld/scordite! Tonight I’m going to put as many of the corp bpo’s (BS’s and BC’s) in for copying as I can. Even if its only 5 copies of each it will help. I can perhaps gift them to the corp/alliance to help with ship replacements. We have a drake bpo and since thats 1 of the ships I regularly fly (and lookign at PVPing) thats what I will be loosing lmao. That may be a negative outlook on the whole challenge, but I figure if I don’t plan on returning home with my ship it shouldn’t hurt too much to lose it!

This whole build has got me thinking about my current location. If I’m moving to a new area I may move the corp up here (well those that wish to move – even if its only temporerily). My thought is, whilst not wardecced I could mine and perhaps start a new cap ship build only this time I’ll collect the ore needed before I buy the bpc set, as I may be able to get bpc’s through the alliance. I could be moving the parts to lowsec as and when they are built, instead of waiting until the whole lot is ready and having to do it enmass.  I’m sure the alliance wouldnt mind someone selling them caps at below the market cost. Hell, maybe just the price of the rares plus a nominal fee… maybe 40% of the market cost if they provide the bpc’s 😀 and rares.. Realistically it took me around 10 days hard mining (4 hours ish a night) to get the ore to build the Moros, so a carrier should be significantely quicker. Sod it… thats my next plan.. but which carrier to build is the question. I could do the Caldari version as I could feasably fit and fly that within a month. Hell if I don’t need them I may just store them for use later. There may be a point in the future where I want a Nyx so if I could flog a load of dreads and carriers it would pay for it. I’m still not convinced on being tied to 1 ship.

Which brings me too…

I’ll be able to mine my own rares (carefully of course) once in null… just me and a ratting ship. It’ll take a while but anything will be a bonus. I may even look at putting up another pos in the new lowsec region as there may be better moons which I could use as a safe spot (since I’ll know the shield password). I’ve still got 2 full setups from my last foray into pos running so I could stick the medium up and perhaps get some mining done/ research, or buy another large and do reactions… decisions decisions!

Don’t fly straight


Would you Adam and Eve it? Those last few parts are 90k m3… I may have to do another freighter run, or buy the parts locally…


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