And so it begins…

Great to see my Buddy Zama has resumed posting on his Blog after a break due to delivery of a new ship child! Now if we could just get Dirk to do the same there would be 3 of us from 1 corp… ooops, a little premature as currently I am not back in Facts, although once the Ceo tells me everything is in place I will be returning to my roots.

They have left the VVA and have joined OWN, so it should be interesting. New people to meet, and a chance to get away from AAA! It also means leaving Amarr space for Caldari so thats something else new. I’m tempted to put up a Caldari pos in the region under the Mining Company banner (using my Alt) so I can research and copy BP’s which I mentioned before. Caldari towers seem more suited to my needs so not having to buy parts of the fuel will also be nice!

I’ve put my first capital ship build into progress so in 11 days my Moros will be ready. I had a bit of a conundrum with the whole production versus jump locality to null sec. It was the factor of getting 4 freighter loads into lowsec with the parts safely over not having to jump half way across New Eden to get to where I wanted the ship, and dreadnoughts have a smaller jump radius to carriers. I’m considering doing a double jump to move both capitals. So my cyno alt will get in position for the Moros’s range and I’ll jump the carrier in first and dock (the carrier will have spare cyno frigates onboard). I’ll drop back to collect the Moros and then jump that across before moving to the next cyno point. Rinse and repeat. I’m taking spare frigates on the carrier just incase I have to self destruct 1 which is the reason the carrier is going first.

I’m still in Mining Company which gives me time to murder some belts, as I would like to build a full complement of fighters for the carrier, but I’m not sure how to group the fighters. On my normal ships I group them by type (Sentry, Heavy, Medium, Light, ECM) but with Fighters I believe its best to have 1 of each type to cover optimum damage so I would be inclined to make groups with 1 of each type in it. No doubt one of the other cap pilots will advise me once I join the alliance.

More Logistics

I think I’ve boxed clever with my PvP ships when I moved them. I repackaged them and destroyed the rigs since they probably had the wrong ones fitted for the alliance. Everyone has their own idea on fitting ships but they are usually based on some alliance proven model that can be personally “tweaked” for the users own needs and abilities. Although the builder side of me hated wasting rigs, I couldnt fit the ships onto the freighters to move and I couldn’t handle flying 20 – 30 ships the 20+ jumps to get the ships into the area. admittedly only a handful were fitted but it’s still more ships to move.

Funds are a little low atm but then I’ve spent all my spare isk on plexes for 3 chars. Luckily I should be able to buy 2 plexes very soon to replace the isk since sub day fell short of my getting money by 4 days. As it is I may lose 1 char for a few days, but that cant be helped; unless some of my sales go through and I make around 150 million to buy another plex. I’ve stuck a couple of control towers on the market along with some weapons since I’m almost decided on launching a pos up in Caldari space, so that will mean buying a Caldari tower.


Don’t fly straight!


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