A new begininining

I received the nod from the (old) new corps Ceo that they were clear of wardecs, so I applied to join and the application was duely accepted (I think he had the corp screen up ready!!).  When I got home I spent some time installing programs (TS, Vent) and sorting out useful websites.. before…

I made my way to one of the entrance sectors and bought and fitted a nice little Drake using one of their PVP ship layouts. I announced over coms “I’m OMW” and jumped into lowsec…

Where my shiny Drake was immediately locked, scrammed and killed in something like 3 seconds by several bs’s and bc’s… From the killmail it looks like I got alpha’d by all the ships of a goonswarm camp… nice move lads… were your parents married when you were spawned? lol

The only good thing was I lost a brand-new-ship and I didn’t get flustered. O-K I didn’t target anything or try to kill them, (there were so many ships attacking me) but in the past I’ve gone into the shit-shit-shit-shit-shit mode. So I believe this is step one to handling the aggro that is PVP.

As soon as the damage rushed through hull I was spamming the warp button (ok it was a blank clone but I hadn’t changed my clone bay location…) and podded my way to the new sectors.

I checked the markets and went and bought 2 Drake setups, fitted 1 and went ratting (apparently we need to improve the rats which involves mercilessly killing them – I can live with that. In providence it was all about chaining them (kill the big and leave the frigates if you can) but I used to get confused so kill all is easy!  The other good thing is all non blues are valid targets… no more “oh theres a neut in sector – I need to find out if he’s safe”. I’ve also picked up another little trick with ratting… I warp to 30 or 50 kms from the belt and let the rats come to me. It means you are far enough away to avoid getting trapped by roids (deadly if you need a fast escape) and by the time the bs’s get to you the frigates are insta-popped.

Don’t fly straight!


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