Finding my feet

Ok, as I have previously said, I’m not going to give away current or sensitive information… currently within the new alliance I am still finding my feet. The corp is new but seems to have settled in with the Alliance fairly quickly, but I am slightly behind the rest of the corp being even newer to the area than they are! I think I’ve spent a little too long carebearing and other than the occasion travel into *pink* lowsec (its lowsec but not that dangerous) I’ve spent the last year or so firmly planted in Highsec, either mining or missioning. Yes I did go into a worm hole (WH) but didn’t stay long and some of that was mining… lol

So I am slowly getting used to loosing ships… still only 1 Drake, but I’m still over joyed I didn’t panic. (I should have realized I wasn’t going to be able to warp out so I should have opened fire…). I went on a roam around the area – actually it was a race… the fleet would set off and I was left trailing behind… Oh, and when I was told to install TS (team speak) it would have helped if someone had mentioned its default transmit is VOX (Voice operated)… I’m sure everyone in fleet must have heard my comments… lmao   *Oooops* I was advised to mute myself, but I think I’ll keep the PTT button I set up which differs from my PTT for Vent. I’ve spoken to Zama who was also in fleet and he said ” was extramly funny to hear you say “f*** im going to end up dead” lol “. Well if thats the worst they heard I got away lightly!!! I really shouldn’t be such a potty mouth… the guards are on when the ankle biters are around but it just freewheels when I’m on my own!!


Oh BTW fleet… don’t bother telling me to go to (i.e.) XF JB if people don’t know where XF is… never mind the ruddy Jump Bridge (JB). And as for WWWWWWW… yeah I understand it means warp to me but that only works in the same sector…  


So I mentioned in corp that I was going to get a new ship because the old 1 was scratched… and that joke went right over thier heads!!! Its no fun when you have to explain things to people….

So I bought a Raven and fully fitted it for PVP, although when I’ll actually get chance to commit to a roam in it is anyones guess. I think someone in the alliance has my diary and is scheduling fights for when I’m not available!

In my last post I mentioned loosing the drake… well 1 minute after I lost the ship I got an evemail from someone commenting on the blog and telling me to fly safe… Face meet Palm… Great timing but thanks… I did wonder if you were one of the gate campers… But… Meh… its (apparently) only a game!

I’ve been helping the sector develop by killing rats (ok its nice to have lots of blues in local but leave my rats alone!!!) and I’m thinking of dropping the T2 Hobs and putting on some web drones. The hobs dont really do a lot of damage, but if I can slow the buggers down my missiles can do even more damage than the 1400 volley damage.  I think I need to get a can placed at the pos to store my shi er I mean “stuff”. Currently I have a mammoth floating in the corp shields. Yes Dad, I’ll put it away tonight…. lol  No one seems to tidy up after themselves so I think I may have to start looting the containers. These rats are damn sneaky.. I was emptying some of my wrecks last night when some faction rats came in so I went back to the pos and changed to my ratter… but the rats had gone again when I got back. Nothing… no wrecks no rats… nowt. Spooky!

Don’t fly straight


2 Responses to “Finding my feet”

  1. “So I mentioned in corp that I was going to get a new ship because the old 1 was scratched”
    HAY no need to point that one out 😛
    i was thinking at the time scratech! so instead of reping the ship he just buys a new one!!!! DAM this MAN is rich must keep him around (starts “scratching” my own ships)

    its nice to have you around again maniac im sure there lots of fun times to come
    the raceing fleet was a raceing fleet as i have allready said to you i found that one hard to keep up with
    but thats lack of pratice in the area i think 🙂 any rate if it come to it we can both die toghever 😀

    hopeing to see more blogs about good times
    fly sideways!

    • Yeah… funny thing is…. I’m stuck mining tonight because I’m on my laptop without my headset for voice. I’m actually missing null sec! Funny because I actually hated providence…

      Yeah the racing fleet was hard work… not knowing the area hampered… but if they could get the FC to speak english with an English accent it would be nice lmao… ‘suppose you can’t have everything!

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