Of Mice and Men

Hopfully tonight I’ll get back into my nullsec character and get some action… no not that sort of action (although anything would be a bonus!) I refer to pvp. But after the last encounter… I must remember to insure my 2 ships I have in null atm…

Other bloggers enjoy writing fiction on the eve subject… and although I can be a really creative writer (I can talk shite for the country) my stories usually degenerate in to an orgy of, well, ahem… – How rude! I usued to struggle doing my English exams…. That could have got really bad…. Other kids writing a story about an animal and in my story the animal encounters a couple – AT IT!! His hands traced the outline of her heaving breast as the bud started – STOP IT…. cold shower time…!

Back… where was I… oh yeah… PVP.. Large thrusting guns *damn* theres no hope for me!

Nope… its not good… I need to kill some rats if there’s no fleets running. Evegate is great to see just how many roams you are missing… I can’t access EVE from work (or quite a few blogs I used to read) but I can access evegate and check my mails. Oh well, only 2 more weeks of work and then I’m back looking for work (unless this contract gets extended. Looking for work also includes more time to play eve as I’m at my own place with my Pc. I’m posting this from my laptop at my (ex?) wifes house but at night I go back to mission control – hence the reason I’m usually on until stupid o’clock in the morning! But even then the alliance fleets are usually when I’m not able to be on.

Ok, on the writing front, I’m going to attempt something in the next couple of weeks (yes I’ll keep it clean). Not sure where its going to go, but that’s half the fun of the journey. First plan is to set out a basic plot, I’ve got a few ideas but it’ll still require some work!  So don’t be surprised if I’m not posting as much as usual!

Training continues as it has to in Eve! Maniac is learning Heavy missiles level 5 and in 6 days I’ll have to assess what to do next. We have discussed the siege modules for a carrier but my Dread is finishing on Thursday (ish) so I need to get some skills up for that. I can already fit and fly it, but I’m not happy about flying it at my current skill level. I’ve only completed level 1 dreadnaught training so the Moros is staying in the hanger for now. If the alliance wants me to move it to the area for any reason – and use it I will as long as they will cover the loss – should it happen. Otherwise I may jump it closer to the action but its not going into any confrontation.

I’ve decided to put the pos back up under my Alt, although I’m not sure where yet. I may stick to the same lowsec area as its reasonably quiet. I’m thinking about just putting a small up as the fuel requirements are 50% of a medium which is 50% of a large. I did used to have a medium and large up and running… doing all sorts from moon mining to reactions, but I just couldn’t seem to turn a profit. I was continually dipping into my isk pot to fund fuel (although I was mining Ice). So a small pos is a nice trade-off, and I can complete some more research and perhaps copy some bpo’s to stick on the market.

Don’t fly straight.


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