Softly While my lover sleeps

Last night I ground to a halt in Eve. Sat out in null sec with no corp members actively in the area and no fleets advertised I decided to fly back to highsec. The reason being I didn’t feel confident enough to try an encounter site, and solo PVP is also out of the question! 27 jumps later I arrived in my home system (yeah I have a new “corp home” but this location will always hold a special place in my heart) and start assembling bits and loading up my covert ops industrial. The whole point of this run was to collect some more ships and parts. I could have bought them locally, but since I had ships going dusty I figured I may as well slip back and collect them. I also started to close down some of my installations since they were sitting dormant. I dont have the skill time to increase my PI abilities so I decided to relocate my available build slots to null sec, to make use of the better quality of planets. Any fuel products I have made will be donated to the new corp since they have fuel needs and I ‘d rather it went to a worthy cause – something close to my heart.

So tonight I intend on working my way back to nullsec fully loaded. I may also bring my alt into the corp to act as scout for me. I flew my SB in last night, thankfully the gate camp that caught me last time was docked up/on another gate.

The SB is all part of the master plan. I was on SISI a couple of nights ago, practising with my Nemesis (SB). I realized I have no experiance with bombs and sice nullsec is the only place you can use them I just havent had the opertunity to play! I practised on a couple of belt rats but seemed to take more damage than I did so more practise is the order of the day.

That is all reliant on my net connection calming down, as over the past few days I have lost my connection for 30 odd minutes at around 22hrs eve time, which my IP are clueless about (typical). Normally its just annoying, but when it involves Eve and nullsec it becomes downright scarey. Almost enough to stop me logging in!! At the moment I don’t have an internet connection, although I am hoping to get it sorted by the time I get home from work… Apparently its all down to “internal wiring” which may be thier version of “our logs show nothing”!

My training has jumped again… I was learning heavy missiles to level 5, but I have side stepped into cap skills so I can properly fit T2 guns. I may return to the missiles afterwards, but as with eve theres always something else… like the Moros which comes out of the oven tomorrow morning… and that needs more skills before I’ll risk such an expensive ship!

2 more days and I’ll have to decide what to learn next…. for Maniac at least.

My alt is currently learning logistics level 5, which IIRC has something like 3 days left and I know she will be one very popular pilot with the fleet. Hell, she can fly with me in the damnation and use HER T2 heavy missiles in the exploration sites as well as boosting my repair abilities. I can tank 90% of the damage with the fleet, but my tank did start to break last night – no warp out demand as we quickly depatched the rats!

Don’t fly straight!


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