Nothing happening – Laaag

Well, I met a new friend in Eve… not a very helpful one, but hey… when it comes to large PVP battles its been with me all the way! Lag is the monster that sneaks up behind you and says “Stop! Stop locking targets, stop activating modules.. Just STOP!” “Ok, now you can shoot that target – hey it’s not my fault he died a few minutes ago!”

And thats been my experiance of PVP over the last couple of days. Even a fleet battle of around 300 ships was laggy as hell. But 1600 was a nightmare!

Hopefully a corp mate has solved that and I can start working on my PVP record. 2 ship kills in such large battles is a bit fail, but at least I didn’t die! Hell, I even insured it before last nights fight lol. Nm, I turned up and answered the CTA so thats all that matters. The solution (I hope) is a new overview layout that should reduce my lag. Hopfully I’ll get to try it out later, but since I wont be home until quite late we shall see. Failing that I’ll run a sanctum with my Alt assisting in the Damnation!

I’m sure everyone knows about CCP’s “ditching” of learning skills by now…. but I have planned the spend of the SP reallocation several times over! Its Eve all over… I could do this, but I want to do this although I ought to do this. One of the skills I was planning on spending the SP on was advanced weapons, but I’ve started learning that already so that will save me some points! I am also going to cover some level 5 capacitor skills since my current setup gives me a learning bonus towards ship/gunnery skills.. I’m thinking towards getting into a Heavy attack cruiser since I can already fly an Assult frigate and the journey is only about 9 days. Maybe I’ll use some of my SP allocation to reduce that.

On the good side of PVP, I am atleast looking like leveling out my losses/wins ratio. The next week should make it double figures with any luck! Mind you, 2 battleship kills doesn’t hurt the record!
Its suprising how easy it has become to take a ship into battle and not really bother if you get to keep it. Nothing wrong with a suicide run occasionally!

I brought my Alt out to nullsec, now I am a little more confident in the handling of the area, but I’m not planning on taking 2 chars into battle anytime soon, although it might be a case of not having a choice if I get jumped at a gate! I did try a gate camp last night with one of my corp mates, but except for one alliance member everyone else wanted to talk the subject to death instead of showing the reds they can’t wander unmolestered through our sectors. I think it’s time to get some large warp disruptors and organize a gate camp. It’ll get in everyones way, but it’s been done on other gates so why can’t we take an active stance on the traffic control?

Don’t fly straight…..


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