To Cap-it-all

See what I did there? Ok, slight mispell but nothing new for me!

What are my thoughts at this moment in time? Well, 2 things for me to start another post…

1) I neeeeeeeed to get my caps ships moved. I’m thinking about heading to the corps staging area, but its the inbetween jumps I have to be carefull of. Tonight I’m going to stick a load of throwaway frigates in to production that can be cyno ships to get the caps moved. Plan of action is…

move cyno ship to target sector.
Jump carrier in and dock.
Either dock cyno frigate or self destruct it and dock in pod. Carrier will transport replacement frigs so sort out replacement if needed.
Go back for the Moros and cyno that across. 
Repeat and rinse until final destination is reached. It does mean jumping the carrier once more than needed since the Moros has a small jump range, but in my mind its safer and easier to do it like this. Mind you… I might try and get one of my corpies to jump a carrier for me… it will save on cynos jumping 2 ships at once, but until I’ve asked …dont read this Z lol

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is titles for posts. I wonder how other people come up with thier titles. Mine are random and quite often inspired by the subject half way through creating the post! I’ve looked back at some of my titles and they seem inspired by books I’ve never read at times!

The work of fiction has stalled… I just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day… I started planning the story, but finding time with RL (kids and work) and to play eve doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time. Indeed facebook only gets 5 minutes these days! I almost long for the days mining in highsec when I could spend hours doing other things… almost.

Apparently last night I was 9th in the alliance for PVP kills for December. Someone did point out it was only day 2… but as I said… I’m a new pvp’er really… even day 2 a 5 kill char shouldn’t be showing up on any boards! Maybe its a sign of things to come? Who knows… it’ll be interesting to see if I can still be at 9th (or higher?) come the end of the month!

Don’t fly straight… and remember… drones aren’t just for xmas.


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