The further adventures of Captain random

What a week!!
I’ve taken part in some epic battles and it would appear the lag problem was resolved with that set of updates for the overview. Figured out how to remove brackets – which apparently helps… got in on some kills, although I’m still not actually getting in the final shot but it all helps. I managed to get to #1 on our killboard until a couple of the other guys posted thier kills… I figure if we are all doing our bit, no one has cause to complain. 1 of the directors mentioned he wanted all the corp members to get at least 10 kills a month, and I completed that in the first week so I’m happy! I lost 1 drake, but my kills are over my losses now for pvp. I’ve got a bit further to go cover pve as well, but it will get there lol
N.B. if you loose your fleet connection and can’t get reinvited it’s not a good idea to suicide a red fleet and take out a guardian solo… it’s probably not going to work… Hence the lost drake! Remember…”fleet finder” is your friend… pity no one pointed that out when I asked on comms to get back in the fleet… instead of “shut up”… my inital thought was “F**k you then”

Skillswise, I was learning Advanced Weapons Upgrades Level 5, but I dropped off to bump my tanking skills up, as I have been severly struggling to tank Sanctums. When you scan a sector (either using drones or just with the ships onboard systems) you normally find exploration sites… in null sec soem are called Sanctums, and are quite profitable to run. Once we get the redeployment of sp’s I am going to max out my cap skills.
I’m still planning on doing my capital ship skills a bit higher, although I am hoping to get the ships into a more local sector ready for when I’m happy to fly them.

My alt has covered logistics to level 5 and is currently learning wing command a bit higher. After that I’ll look at getting her hac skills higher as currently she hasn’t joined in the PVP (althoug she could as a logistics pilot. But I can’t do both…

I have a safer access point to our region of space… it means 1 lowsec sector, but at least it’s not usually overflowing with reds and I’ve never had any problems, so it keeps me away from the pirate pipe, so I’m able to get ships in without too much of a risk. I admit I still have a cloaky scouting ahead, but thats just common sense. So now I just have to move all the stuff I dropped at sector “A” and move it to Sector “B” which is 30 jumps..

Don’t fly Straight!


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