If the Cap fits…

Just a quick post… more later 😀

Yay… I took a capital ship into a fleet operation a couple of days ago.. and even better I got to keep it!!! We took a couple as a corp and although my joining them was a last minute choice, I wanted to show that we as a corp are commited to working with the alliance since we still feel like the noobies. We are new but I believe we are making our mark on the alliance, with a couple of corp members topping the pvp lists. The op was just a pos bash (we were expecting resistance but didn’t get any) and then once the 2 towers were re-inforced we went home. I must admit I had a cyno pilot ready to get people out, not that I didn’t trust the fc to get us out but my ship was a personnal purchase… so just in case…!

Looking forward to the latest EVE update, with the reallocation of skill points top of my list. I’m finally going to get a couple of much needed cap skills maxed out. The 3rd skill I was going to finish is very much trained now, so its going to use a lot less of SP’s to finish now. I started training advanced weaponary to level 5 since the learning skill adjustment was suggested it might not happon until next year, plus my attributes give me a bonus for learning 3 skill groups, so I figured it made sense to hit the training where I could get the best result!

We have been running more sanctums just to make some isk and I diverted and trained my armor resistances up to level 4… WOW what a difference to tanking. I can now solo tank a Sanctum on 1 T2 repairer. I bought a Kronos (Gallente marauder) to do sites in, and I will be able to fly it once we get these SP’s… YAY!

Don’t fly straight!


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