Ho ruddy Ho!

With the update that removed the learning skills, I had enough SP to finish off the skills to get into a Marauder. I had already bought one in preparation, so I set off out of highsec to collect it in my pod. Autopilot told me (I use the AP to tell me where to go, I don’t very often let it take control of the ship) it was 30 jumps going the safest route or 23 if I took the most direct. Hell, I’m allready in null security space so I took the shortest… Got through lowsec and briefly hit highsec before it was back to low sec… and whamo… wall of red at a gate…not good…. but I slip through and no one even attempts to lock me so I continue. a few jumps before highsec and…. another wall of red appears just in time to see my pod stats going reds and I awoke back in my old sector. (n.b. I really must change the medical station for my clone…)

So now, I have 23 jumps to get to the Marauder and I have lost the few implants I had installed. Not a massive loss, but still annoying! I docked up with the kronos and called it a night. Next night I flew back to my entrance sector and I got given a decent fit so I installed the bits on my ship from the collction of parts in station.

Quick scan reveals a sanctum so I warp to it… damn… someone there. Luckily I left the scan page up so I warped to a hub instead (not as much isk but good anyway). Then a corp mate flew in and we fleeted up… and I’m glad we did… I couldn’t kill the ruddy frigates.. I don’t know if its because I warped in at distance but a lot of the frigs spawned at 10 kms from me… the kronos can’t seem to handle the minimum range. I might have to load up some ammo for short distance (maybe a couple of k’s worth). The drone space is pitifull… you can fit 5 sentry drones or heavy drones, but you can only launch 3 of them. Epic fail. No, really ccp come on. Its a frigging T2 BS… it should have more drone space than the Navy mega… not less. So tonight I’ll swap out the sentrys for 10 T2 Hammerheads. At least then I’ll be able to hit the frigates better. I understand now when I was fleeted with a kronos pilot they were shouting for us to kill the frigates…

In other news… well my work commitments come to an end today so I’ll have more time for Eve (Yay?) Well, maybe more time… I can see the kids requiring more attention :s but I should get to do some Santums during the day.

Training wise.. my gunnery skills have just passed 7 mill Sp.. yay! But I am still behind my x-wifes char with 7.5 mill sp and she can’t understand why my missiles do more damage in missions (lol)

Even with the left over skills that I dumped onto Gallente cruiser I’ve still got 2 months before I can properly fly a logistics ship. I just looked at my training plan and noticed Evemon is suggesting I do the learning skills…… I’m tempted to use my remap to level my attributes… but… nah.

I think I’m going to drop my alt onto getting the Hac skills up to level 5 and also toping up her navigation skills. I dumped her left over SP onto Amar BS, so she just has to do the level 5 skill now. I’m considering getting her into a carrier but thats an 86 day skill run…

Don’t fly straight


2 Responses to “Ho ruddy Ho!”

  1. With the Kronos having only the 75 Mbit/s bandwidth I’d look at carrying 2 heavies/sentries, 5 medium drones, 5 light drones. That would give you maximum flexibility clearing anoms.

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