An easy kill

Theres not very often such a thing as an easy kill in nullsec. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes they do.

3 of us were running sites when a red came into sector, so we abandoned the site and went hunting. My alt was sat at the gate 2 jumps away and I was able to let people know he had been engaged… and then killed when the blue which was also at the gate engaged… just as one of our fleet jumped through. So I returned to ratting. I cant remember the full details but we ended up chasing another red very shortly after, (1 T1 frig and 2 stealth bombers). The frigate engaged and had him in armor as us 2 in SB’s jumped into sector. That would sound like a good kill, except for the fact that the over view went very red…. It was an Evoke blob, and I fear we fell victim to thier bait! The annoying thing was intel was strangely quiet up to this point, aside for people worrying about reds and neuts in lowsec (seriously – deal with it or avoid the area. The way they go on and on you would think it was the best sector in the region. I know its a red spot so I DONT FLY THROUGH IT) oh and the PL blob of course. PL are our main adverserarys in for the region. There are others but they seem the better organized IMHO.
ANYWAY… The frigate got popped and the pilot podded almost instantly, and the 2 sb’s went to warp… 1 sb was decloaked by the red ships and got popped, but I suprisingly got away uncloaked (why do I have to let the cloak recover??). I cloaked up and let the red’s pass. On the way back I found a neut stabber on the gate salvaging wrecks but was told not to engage as I wouldnt last (seriously? It was a cruiser and I was in bombing range) so I wait for him to bugger off and flew to the gate. I got about 5 km’s from the gate and more reds landed on the gate. I was still cloaked so I clicked away from the gate so I kept my cloak amongst the 4 or 5 reds that were there… lol
I gingerly made my way back to base once the sector cleared (including a suicide jump – jumping into a sector possibly full of reds due to lack of intel).


I am currently working my way to Amarr BS’s (currently doing level 4 cruisers) with the idea of getting a nightmare… but at the very least it gives me more ships I can fly. Only T1 minmatar ships to look at then! I am supposed to be learning Gallante cruisers level 5 since there is only 3.5 days training left but… meh… theres always something else with Eve!! My aim is to get into a logistics ship at some point as that is what will help us the most. Maybe make that my target next!

My alt is working towards Minmatar battleships, so nieither has any big skill shocks, but both directions open up more avenues and choices.

Don’t fly straight, and have a cool Yule!


2 Responses to “An easy kill”

  1. you really are one sad individual. as if anyone cares what you do.

    • I did consider deleteing this slightly goonswarmish comment, but felt it fair to respond…

      The fact that you bothered to comment would indicate.. YOU

      Any other bloggers get visits from people like that?

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