New Year, same targets!

Hallan Turrek posted his thoughts on people’s reactions to killmails. He seemed to be saying that some feel if they aren’t achieving km’s they aren’t achieving anything.

I have to admit I agree with him, even though I am guilty of being annoyed when I don’t get on a mail. I don’t think any less of people in the fleet NOT getting on, because like Hallan said “Are the scouts, the probers, the logistics, the people who aren’t actually doing the shooting somehow less than you because your ship got active modules on a target before it died?”. The people scouting out the targets, the logistics ships keeping the dps alive (more often than not), and even the people FCing all play their part. Sure the DPS creates the KM’s, but without their backup we wouldn’t be able to do our job. It doesn’t matter which alliance you are with, we are all parts of a machine. If there’s a guy out there spending all his time mining to build ships for his corp mates to lose, he is doing a much-needed job.

A couple of the alliance members were complaining that they needed to rat to be able to afford to lose ships, and its a sentiment I fully support. Some of the alliances within the umbrella alliance replace lost ships. Mine does not. I fly it, I risk it. Someone made the wise ass remark about “just fit something small with a fast tackle”, which is great except you’re just gonna lose a few of them in the end.

I’ll probably get abuse, but I’ve not had chance to get on any CTA fleets so far this year. I nearly did, but then RL reared its ugly head as it usually does! But, I’m sure the stars will align and allow me to lose another ship soon! I did manage to get on some defensive fleets but they pretty much either are a rolling success or you just fly from gate to gate aimlessly. The last one was the first option for 2 corp mates!

Training wise… I’ve started looking at the Minmatar ships (again) as they are the only race of ships I don’t cover on either account. I also need to do Large projectiles as well, so that stretches the training schedule!

Don’t fly straight, and feel free to pod a goon!


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