Somethings never change

Well, in the 2 weeks since I’ve last posted I’ve not managed to get any serious PVP in. apart from loosing 1 drake and 1 Cane in *fail* defence fleets. I’m not averse to loosing ships in combat, but only if  1) everyone in fleet takes part and 2) the intel is right. No point flying in with half a fleet of bc’s to fight the same number of bs’s. When an alliance member turns round and says its your own fault you lost your ship (since he was in fleet and didn’t bother responding to the fc’s commands), well, I wonder if it’s the right alliance for me.

Anywho… I’m back in highsec for a time… mining again. We are building up stocks of minerals for a few days(?) to build some battleships. We could just buy them with the iskies we are making from ratting but my wife wanted to do some mining as we have some RL issues to deal with atm, and distractions aren’t the best thing in nullsec. I just wish I could jump clone more than once a day… how about twice in 24 hours CCP? Then at least I could JC down to do some mining and back up again to PVP/rat. I may have to look at scouting out new escape routes from null back to highsec.

I hope everyone put long skills on for Patch day. Shut down is 6am today and estimated up time is around 15:00hrs but that usually changes lol. Lets just hope they get the day right …

I have a 7 day skill on to allow me to cover Capital shield transfer so I can add that facility to my carriers. I finished the skill set so I can fly 98% of all T1 ships (except all freighters) It wasn’t something I headed towards, I just stumbled in that direction due to needs. It was handy being able to fly ships to locations to complete orders instead of having to use a freighter. If there was 2 bs’s then yeah take the freighter, but 1 bs and a few cruisers just needed my alt in an industrial.SO i chalked up the Amarrian bs skill this week. but this doesn’t mean I’m turning my back on Gallente ships. It just means more options, which is handy when the alliance keeps changing their mind on the ship formats they want to run!

My alt is working on some pre-achieved skills, mainly getting her T3 skills higher and working on some T2 pvp ship skills

Has anyone ever tried to help someone decide where to go with their training. It’s not the easiest of tasks when THEY don’t know which way to go. Thats another of the downsides to Eve… so many choices, so many skills. Usually I just give them a list of skills to tick off that don’t really take them in ANY direction. Theres always the core skills that could do with finishing! Drone skills always need a nudge up, as well as navigation skills. Yes, the wife has changed her mind AGAIN. Before she hit nullsec her plan was to go Phoenix (caldari dread) and then eventually Leviathon (Caldari Titan) only because she likes the name (Farscape). But now she’s not sure. *Face palm*. She’s also a nads-nacker from caldari T2 cruisers (and T3).

Don’t fly straight


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