A whole new Face

I’m sure by now everyone has encountered the new character creation page.

Some have grasped the concept with both hands, whilst some have looked at it and said “bugger that” or words to that effect. I completed the process for 2 of my chars, but a number of Alts will have to wait. There is more content to follow if what I am told is correct and this is a good thing. The available options are quite limited, with all the races sharing the same outfits. I was not happy with the completed image for my Alt, but with the new content I believe we will be offered the chance to implement these updates to our chars.

During testing on SISI I found the whole character creation process dreadfully slow. The version they released is better than the original, but it’s still painfully slow. They don’t recommend you complete the design of you character on low shader settings, but for me at least it cut the time waiting for the image to be rendered in half.

I’ve not looked at the new PI system yet, but that’s one of my plans (but ratting and PVP keep getting in the way 😀 ). I caught some corp mates talking about it and I’m glad they have kept the 4 day cycles in for the extractors. I’m too impatient to keep having to return to each planet to reset the process. Hopefully I will get a least 1 new planet on the go soon.

I’ve decided to create a new Alt on my main as opposed to a new account. Its going to mean I am without any new training for around a month, but the benefits will help me in the long run. The plan is to have a character in my highsec mining system that I can use to mine, without having to Jump clone back and forth between null. Currently I have to fly backwards and forwards between the 2 areas with a journey of around 35 gates and 1 jump bridge. This way I can leave my main in null, and still mine whenever I’m needed to. Early evening I am usually mining with my wife, but later on when I’m on my own, I’d rather be in nullsec with the corp making some isk and defending the region. I may even do the same thing for my Alt, and get an alt Orca pilot  trained up on that account as well. I suppose the easy way would be to buy a char, but that’s just too much isk and you have no control over the name. I think as part of the buying process you should get the option to pick a new name.

On the PVP front, its been quite quiet. We’ve had a few reds/neuts coming through, and I even chased 1 out the region in my Ishtar (G. HAC) but since he was in a frigate he managed to get away. I’ve also joined some local roams as I need to get a handle on what a “good” defence fleet is like. I’ve been involved with 2 “bad” fleets, so If I can see good ones in action I will be able to understand when not to go in and loose ships unnecessarily. I’ve experienced some quite tight fleets recently… everything is covered… scouts, what the targets are flying, possible directions. Nothing is left to chance. Sometimes in Eve the unexpected happens, but that’s life. In my mind there’s no point sending 3 bc’s to kill 2 T3 ships… that’s just going to fail.

Incidentally did CCP shelve the idea of T3 frigates? The idea was floated a while ago, but nothing came of it. I’m still toying with the idea of a strategic cruiser but with my training break to sort the alt, that’s been pushed back a month or so.

Don’t fly straight!


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