Who stole all my Eve-time?

The past 2 weeks or so have just been misplaced! With RL issues I havent really got in as much as I wanted.

We’ve been doing some ratting, and bought some new ships.. I’ve just got into an Arazu; just need to perfect the fitting issues I’m having. It seems a little fail to only be able to get 3 small hybrids working. I’m not sure if 1 or 2 mediums would do more damage – might be worth testing on evehq.

We’ve had some juicy sized gangs come round recently, and although there’s enough people in local we don’t seem to be getting bums in gear to deal with this threat. We’ve just been handed another sector to work, but we don’t have pos rights yet. I think this is a good thing as it will thin out the ratters a little. Its annoying when you are running a sanctum and people keep coming in. Mainly the ones that forget to remove it off their scans. With the few blue spys we’ve had bringing fleets into sites, we are all very nervous of “visitors”.

I am at a loss where to take my training next as I don’t have anything on my lists that aren’t just a racial jump. I need to do targeting level 5 as that is coming up on 90% of my ship improvement lists. Other than that I think I’ll back pedal for a while T2 and work on all the things I keep putting off…

T2 projectile guns
Capital ship skills
shield and armor resistances

Hell, that’s over a years worth…

I might even try my hand at mining out in nullsec since I shipped a hulk out here a while ago. I tried mining in Providance a few years ago, but lost that ship to belt rats when the ship got stuck behind a roid…
This time around I’ll pay more attention to the faction mods that are required fitting on hulks out here. It’s going to be expensive, but hopefully I can balance it out by selling some of the faction loot I’ve acquired that are no use for these rats. The general idea was to mine the rares out here and then ship them back to highsec for construction projects we have in place. It means we wont take a hit with the rares purchasing issue.
Fixing the “getting stuck behind a roid” issue is something I’ve already sorted. I fly from a pos to the roids and “eat my way in”. Everything goes… even veldspar. Its a technique I developed (yeah probably others have also) during a wardec for fastish escape. The biggest pain will be storage of the mined miners until I get them into station for eventual shipment. I may have to speak nicely to management about hogging a corp hanger.

Don’t fly straight….

And if my musings bother you – dont read them… (you know who you are)


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