New door!

Well, after all that I chose door 4… I’m staying where I am, which I’m sure will upset some (alliance members and others – in particular), but meh… thats your problem not mine! It doesnt matter how manytimes you say it… infact you were one of the reasons I am still here :p

So, I need to fit my hulk for a little mining which means a few faction parts, but with all the ratting we’ve been doing means isk isn’t a problem, but I need to bite the bullet and make the purchase. I just wish we could do 2 clone jumps a day, instead of 1 every 24 hours (even if it was limited to so many days), it means nipping out for a while is virtually out of the question.

I could do with getting some ice mining in, because getting the cyno fuel in the region I currently call home is, well, impossible.

Sooo, with the my personal direction resolved, I’m also planning a new ship target. I’ve wanted a jump freighter for a long time, so I think I’ll start working on building one. I already have the Obelisk, so its just a case of finding a conversion package and building the parts for the Anshar. Prices on Eve-Central list around 5 billion Isk for the ship, so building it makes sense, even if it does turn into a long term project. This week our group is thinking of jump cloning back to highsec and hitting some mining now that hulkageddon is over. Wasnt one of the points of hulkageddon to hit the macros? So why did they start on freighters and rorquals?


Don’t fly straight!


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