To the front and back, and back again!

Well, last week failed… We got wardecced by an 8 man alliance (although I’m not sure how many of those were alts) and they never bothered to visit us 😦

We had a neutral in sector for a few days, so after avoiding the sector we decided he was just afking and did some anoms in a fleet. The fleet split to take on other business so there was just myself and my wife left ratting. We were making good progress through the sanctum when a stealth bomber decloaks next to us and I’m told she’s scrammed and “get out!”. So I warp off whilst a fleet of 13 other ships cyno in and take apart the Navy megathron (It had more than covered its purchase price) but they failed to get my marauder. In hindsight I may have been able to pop the SB when he dropped the cyno. I had been keeping us at least 20 km’s apart (incase of bombs). I should also have launched drones to kill the sb; the thought behind these 2 actions is maybe the navy mega would have slipped out as the fleet came in. Hind site is a frigging wonderfull thing!

So we looked at new ships for my wife to fly, but she wanted another navy… and the market had none available in the area. So JC back to highsec it was!

We bought the navy in Jita and flew it out (looking out for WT’s as I went) to a lowsec sector I was given for a corp mate to carrier it out. Then we did some mining to fill the time. I figured the local market could do with a bit of boosting since I know of certain ships people had been looking for. Might as well make some isk over the venture as well as help pad the market a little.

I did some more freightering and moved over 1.5 million m3 of stuff, so I had to do 2 runs. Between gates I had my alt in a covops ship with double web and the freighter warped really fast, but why does it take soooo long to go to warp from a station? I had to do 2 runs into lowsec… the first time I warped straight from station to gate and it took an age, almost as if the ship had to get clear of the station. The second time I took my alt to 350kms off station undock and warped to there… instawarp but then the rewarp was like I’d just left station even with the webifying. There got to be something buggy about that.

 I’m a bit nervous about dropping a cyno in local as some of the neighbours are red to us and I don’t know if they would engage. I eventually ignored the red in station next to me and completed the cyno. More surprisingly I also managed to dock my cyno ship (T1 frigate with just the cyno fitted). I loaded my carrier up and with a full load of ship fuel and cyno fuel (for Jump bridge access). I then created 3 courier contracts for the rest of the items to be JF’s in. With my wife in the target cycno beaconed sector I undocked and clicked jump to.. only to find I didnt have enough fuel to complete the jump – crap. Re-dock and grab a cloaky transport to fly nextdoor for some fuel. Got back and with a little juggling managed to fit the required fuel onboard. So re-undock and jump – YAY! Err no.. not yay.. My carrier eventually appeared at the cyno beacon but local also had 2 reds appear. So I had 3 choices.. warp to our pos, get inside the nearby pos shields or attempt to get to the jump bridge (5000 metres off me) to get next door to the station. So I attempted all 3… lol Just for good measure. I attempted to warp to our pos which wasnt happening, so I thought get inside the pos shields and entered the password, but then I apprached the JB. 5000mtrs had become 8500 but I managed to make it and activate the bridge… just as local filled with around 50 reds. Appologies to the JB owners for the brown marks…..

Last night we had a neutral in sector in a Drake (or DRAEK as he had spelt it) so we were hunting him. I actually managed to warp scram him at one stage, but I hadn’t apprached him so he managed to slip out… damn! He was going down as well. I’ll learn for next time. I need to set my orbit at button to something like 10kms. I’m sure he couldnt have out manouvered my Arizu.

Training wise I have revisited my PI skills. I got them to an ok level and left them since they were plenty for the old system. With the new PI system things are a little more intensive. I set up a colony to build some pos fuel items but the new system no longer has cpu for my old set up. So I’ve learning Command centres to level 4. I’m severly running out of new skills to learn anyway. I have plenty of old skills to improve on anyway so its not as if I’ve nothing to learn. I just like having new skills to branch out into. My char is a bit of a jack of all trades. I should look at getting into a ceptor at some point since our corp offers replacements for ceptor pilots.

Dont fly straight…


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