They’re out to get me!!!

Someone doesn’t like my ship, or maybe they do like it – hence the reason I have had 4 attempts on my Kronos. All have been unsuccessful but I fear if they keep trying they may manage it!

Attempt 1… 2 neuts come into sector and myself and my wife miss them on local (FIIK). They appear in our belt and start trying to scram her, and then me… we both warp off..

Attempt 2… Neut had been in sector for around 2 days and we got complacent. One day 2 we form a fleet and go ratting – safety in numbers and all that but the fleet splits and some go pvping so there just 2 of us left. Suddenly our friendly neut appears on grid and points the navy mega before he opens a covert ops cyno…. My Kronos goes to warp as the overview goes a nasty color. In hindsite I should have maybe popped that cloaker as then his fleet would have been spread all over the sector and the navy could have warped out. NM. Neut reports in local he was after the Kronos..

Attempt 3… 3 of us were ratting and the sector was blue. Intel reports incoming reds so we decide to join the home defence fleet just as another spawn appears. We all order ships to warp and I ctrl-tab to my other account to change ship. Switching back to my main I see I’m still at the Sanctum… so I order warp again, only to be told I’m scrammed by the rats… So its drones out and kill it! I tell the wife who is sat next to me and she informs fleet that I’m scrammed. Wife lands just as I pop the rat so we warp off… just as our original ratter lands and gets scrammed… so we warp back again, only I bring my alt in a Damnation as well (just incase). We land as a red/neut appears in local. Just as we despatch the scrammers a drake appears on grid and starts to warp scramble me. Call goes out to the fleet , but the drake decides to bail as he wasn’t getting past my tank and the Navy mega was seriously hurting him. I think the damnation locking onto him helped persuade him he wasn’t going to get a quick kill. We all get out, but the red dies a few minutes later!

I managed to lose 2 ships last night in a HD fleet. 1 Arazu down and 1 Raven gone. To be fair… we knew we were going to die but some days you just have to try. The raven was a ship I had up here when I first arrived and it was the only fighting ship I had left in that sector. The Arazu has already been replaced as I love my cloaky scout ships! I think 3 reasons why things went wrong..

1, red fleet was jumping in and the primary kept changing until virtually the whole red fleet had some damage but things weren’t dieing quick enough. I think if we had stuck with 1 ship at a time we might have had more luck.

2, I was running 2 Alts on my laptop, and it was freezing slightly… must give my cooler some attention!

3, There were too many of them! When the red fleet kept increasing we should have bailed! To be fair our fleet composition was too lean… we didn’t have enough DPS to get the job done. The enemy was approx 80% DPS and 20% logistics. Ours was 20% Recon, 60% DPS and 20% logistics. We also had shield tanked ships on a fleet with armor reppers..

Oh well, losses are part of Eve and even a lost battle is a lesson learned.

*Major Facepalm*

I had the major brain wave to scan all the moons in my normal sector and look into sticking up a pos. Sooo I bought some probes and did the scanning, looking for a moon that would allow me to moon mine some products, do a reaction and end up with a sellable item at the end automatically. I even recorded my results as I went so I could return to the project at a later date.

I work out I can produce Sulfuric Acid which is on the market for a price that will more than cover the pos fuel bills. Step 1 out-of-the-way.
Step 2 is to get permission from the corp and alliance – Easy.
Step 3 Get all my POS parts brought up from lowsec, buy what ever fittings I want and get 2 months worth of fuel. (It’s a corp requirement). Costly but completed, even getting the 2 shipments JF’d in was done fast.
Step 4 Place pos… Well, my paperwork is at my wifes…*DOH* but I think I remember which moon it was.. so I grab my trusty probing ship and head off to the moon. But wait…. there’s a pos there… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! On my Laptop the screen is smaller… and as I was at the end of the moons I didn’t see the pos which has been there ages… *Face Palm*. I’ll have to check my paperwork, but It now looks like I have a spare pos setup with fuel in my hanger that’s not going anywhere for the time being!

Dont fly straight….


2 Responses to “They’re out to get me!!!”

  1. Well Maniac, at least you can’t say that life in EVE is boring for you. lol

    Keep writing 🙂

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