Back to school

Who would have thought it? I can fly carriers and Dreads but If I attack someone in a stealth bomber the only person that dies is… Me! *Facepalm”

I know I made a couple of mistakes…

We had a SB bomb come into our region a few nights ago and I was told they were on 0 at a gate so I decided to have a go at dropping a bomb on them. Random chance of getting them in the blast radius I figured! So I landed on gate at 50 (my usual distance) and realized I might not get them so I apprached under cloak. They start jumping out so I drop cloak hit MWD and at 30kms launch bomb and wait…

Shields, Armor and structure stripped away instantly and I’m in my pod. Can anyone see my mistake? I was probably pushing the damn thing up to the enemy..  I should have turned away/warped away.. and MWDing didnt help! I know for next time, and I’ve got a few ideas on how to improve the fit as well.

*moan alert*

WHY CCP, WHY? What have we done to upset you?

I refer to CCP acting linke the british government and making sure the rich get richer and the poor get screwed.

They decided to work the good anomolys to the truesec of the nullsec sectors. Regardless of what improvements have been put into a sector. So we spent weeks improving our space to get access to Havens and Sanctums and then they come along and screw us over. The idea (according to the dev blogs) was to make it easier for small alliances to get into nullsec, but all they have done is made sure the big alliances that hold the decent space have access to more sanctums than we ever had.

So the result is I can’t afford to pvp atm, and I’m back in highsec doing missions and mining… EPIC FAIL CCP… And yes, I am in a fairly small alliance

I’m seriously thinking about pulling all my stuff from nullsec and going back to highsec permanently.  My corp is still alive on an alt so I could always go back there.

*end moan*


Well I have started on the T3 skills getting them to level 5 on defensive subsystems, but I have yet to fly a T3 on this ship so far!

My Alt is within grasping distance of large T2 lasers so thats about time lol

Don’t fly straight…


2 Responses to “Back to school”

  1. Hehe, what a wally, chasing your own bomb is not a good idea.

    With regard to the anomalies, I can see what CCP intend to happen.
    Think of it this way, if all the world was covered in rich green grass and lots of good resources, people would be complacent and quite happy to sit in one spot.
    But now if half the world is desert with no resources, people will fight each other for the good areas. Conflict for economic wealth, that is what the BIG boys are going to be fighting for. They will ignore the desert areas because they are of little value, and that will make it possible for the little boys to move into a nullsec where they won’t be booted by the big boys. This way the big boys will fight the big boys for riches, while the little boys fight the little boys for real estate.

    • I appreciate the idea of not wanting to get people to settle in lesser sectors, but all they achieved was to multiply the amount of Sanctums the better regions get. The way nullsec now sits is the big alliances have a licence to have people sitting ratting in Havens and Sanctums 23.5/7 whilst the smaller alliances get the lesser quality Hubs and rubbish moons. Its going to be a struggle for little alliances to get bigger (SC’s and Titans) when the larger alliances can just take a squad in and chop them back when they attempt to get more space (which is what ccp stated they wanted to happen).
      Its a case of stating they want one thing, but actually doing another.
      Before the change I could just about afford to pay for my plex’s and buy pvp ships from my ratting bounties, but not anymore. For me its either plex or pvp ships… and I’m afraid its the plex that wins.

      Also… they have removed Sanctums and Havens from our space, when ourt alliance has worked the sector and improved the military index… do we get a refund on the improvements since they have effectively been stolen?

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