On the ropes

Ok, its a well known fact that The NC have been forced to regroup and as all the movements have taken place I feel quite comfortable speaking about it here… well our station was taken over so if anything is left behind it may be a little late…

I personally performed around 14 carrier jumps to assist corp members to get thier ships to lowsec. I had to employ one of my corp mates and his jump freighter to do about 5 runs as well for my “bits”, but everything went smoothly and I didnt lose any carriers or my dreadnought. Some bits I left on the market at the old station because I knew we were running out of time, and I didnt want to hog the JF. Either the new owners will buy it or it will return to my hanger for a later day. With sov wars you never know who will own a particular station in a months time!!

95% of the corp is now settling into thier new tempory home but I have chosen to remain in highsec for the time being. I have a couple of reasons… until the alliance finds its head again and decides what it is doing (ok they may know but even my Ceo doesnt appear to have heard from the leadership).

The other reason is we (myself, and alt and the wife) are building me another rorqual. I was doing the math looking at selling my dread and buying a rorq, but wife asked “how much would it cost to build one?”. Well, I did the figures and now we are hard at work mining! Over 2/3rds of the way there. Just the 200 mill in rares and bpc’s to buy then…. But looking at how fast we have managed to mine this we are considering going into producing cap ships generally.

Our old price list consisted of all ships from frigate to battleships… the new one will be bs, dread, industrial command ships and carriers. Super carriers and titans require a Capitol construction facility so maybe one day….

My plan if we do stay in highsec is to build the components for cap ships and if someone comes to us its just a case of assembling. If not we can just stick it on the market for some lovely isk’s! Just need to research the components list for cap ships now, to see which ones are better to get the bpo’s for. We will eventually get them all, but it’s better to get the specific ones for the most needed ships. I know you can get “bpc cap packs” but we are slowly changing from bpc’s to bpo’s.

Dont fly straight!


2 Responses to “On the ropes”

  1. I have a pretty comprehensive cap production spreadsheet. Hit me up ingame with a mail if your interested.

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