The great ccp pwnage

What have ccp and polititians got in common?

Well, they are meant to be looking out for the people who pay thier wages, and make things better for everyone.

Well, currently CCP are (like the uk government) FAILING! Not just an ooops thats not a good idea… more of an “out come the big rubber toys and no lube” variety…

First off the announced they were “rebalancing nullsec”. The idea was that taking Sanctums and Havens away from the lower security nullsec regions would force the smaller alliances to fight the bigger alliances (ok, am I the only one that can see a flaw there? A bit like sending the population of Wales to invade the USA…).

The actual result was the smaller alliances couldnt hold the crappier regions due to thier limited funding being taken away. The bigger alliances (with all the tech moons) have been handed an ISK pot of multiple sanctums. We’ll call this point “The rich get richer and the poor get fucked over” I bet the big alliances were (and still are) rubbing thier hands. CCP have managed to destroy all the hard work people have put in developing sectors. It takes a lot of work and isk to get the rubbish sectors to spawn sanctums, and then CCP come along and remove that ability… If CCP need to make isk, surely they should balance the upgrades against the quality of the sector. Maybe tie into that the value of the rats within the spawn??

The next move is nerfing jump bridges…

Well, I can sort of see the point to blocking capitols using JB’s but blocking alliances having more than 1 JB in any sector will just make it easier for people like PL to sit in a sector and mass kill everything trying to group up for fleet fights. I know CCP want to get people living in null, but this is not the way to go about it. It will also still be too easy for the larger alliances to use a titan to drop a fleet onto a smaller group.

I have to agree with Kirith.


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