Here come the capitals!

My thanks to Jacabon for the spread sheet… not complete, but hell, its better than I could have done!!

We’ve been looking at cost to build various caps and it looks like the Rorqual project is on hold. With a nads-nackers more mining we have/will have enough for 4 carriers… The only conundrum then is what is best for sales… 4 Thanatos’s (best seller and a nice price) or 1 of each race… And then to really mix it up… what about a dread or 2?

Currently we are looking at 1 of each, but if anyone has problems selling a specific version I’d love to hear before we start to build. Currently I have only bought the BPC pack for the Thanatos since I KNOW I can sell it. My last one took around a week to shift 😀 I’m tempted to go back to the same area as mine was priced above the market and it still shifted….

I’m back at the helm of Mining Company although the alt I left as CEO still holds the position. We would love to go back to our last corp, but that would depend on certain “problems” being resolved.. 1 of which being a RL issue. Guys… If you need cheap ships just give us the nod and we’ll uncut the market for you! We are only doing BS and bigger but we might be able to slide in some BC’s occasionally for you! Generally we are looking to supply to market, rather than just pumping out ships to order. It can get very tiring, and all we did was mine, so we want to spend a little time doing *whatever*.

Its nice not to be under constant CTA’s… but we have someone pestering us to form an Alliance with them, but we are taking a break… unless something happons to force our hand of course.

I’ve finally managed to drop back on the drone training and give them some lovin’. I’m looking at getting all my drone skills (with the exception of Advanced drone interface and  Fighters) to at least level 4, with some going to level 5. It’s criminal how much neglect my drones have had really. I’m really looking at my Certs and getting specific ones up to Expert. I might even look at finishing off the Expert tanking certs as well.

Don’t fly straight!


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