Its just a matter of finding the right corp…

Most people like a player controlled corp because of the camaraderie.. the fact that over NPC corps don’t mine together, or mission together. There are a number of reasons why some people stick with NPC corps.. macro’s don’t like the attention that they would draw from corp mates (well they have Pandemic Legion and Red alliance) and the occasional player that wants an Alt in a corp that can’t be wardecced… Some possibly havent found the right hook to hang their hat on.

I thought I had found my hook a few times.. but occasionally the spot is just a temporary one. There can be any number of reasons to move on…

  •  You don’t like the alliance they’re in
  • You can’t/don’t get on with someone in the corp
  • You can’t agree with their ethics
  • You don’t like the area they operate in
  • You’re bored with the same shit day in day out
  • The grass looks greener elsewhere.

I’ve left corps for any one of those points and sometimes multiples of them!

The reason corps are on my mind is simple… I left my spiritual home 3 days ago and I’ve already been approached by other people to either form an alliance with their corp or just jump ship and join them!

All interested parties have been told no (for the time being at least). I’ve just come out of an alliance (no further comment…) and I need a break. Also RL is playing its hand ATM and we currently need to be able to just play when we can, and not worry that if we have to go off for a week the station we parked our ships in has been taken over (Vale anyone?). Ok that didn’t actually happen, but I bet other corpmates still have stuff in those sectors.. I know I do!

So we have some serious thinking to do. I also need to compile a list of questions for one of the interested parties as we have a few concerns.. more about the region and corp policy than anything else; but it’s always best to go in with your eyes open.

On the project front… The first carrier (Archon) should have the last of its parts in the oven tonight (17th) but I don’t think we will be constructing until all 4 ships are ready to be moved. I’ve still not decided where to build them yet as although our local lowsec is quite quiet (quiet enough to move a couple of freighters in and out of) there isn’t a lot of demand. Unfortunately the sector I know that will sell them isn’t as quiet and is more than 3 carrier jumps away from the prefered build location.

Also I have a feeling we will have about 1/2 a carriers worth of bits left over since the carrier packs come with worst build setups of bpc’s and our builder doesn’t waste much! We already had some parts left from the Moros project so it’ll be interesting to see what we need to build to complete a 5th. Interestingly we still have enough ore to build a Rorqual even though we have 2/3rds built a carrier. We must be replenishing as fast as we are using the minerals!

Skills wise I am currently doing Diplomacy level 5…

I stuffed up today – I took a mission against the Gallente and killed all the ships even though I only had to kill the radio telescope… That’ll teach me not to read the briefing properly!

So now my Gallente standings have sunk even lower… I really need to do some missions for them at some point!

Don’t fly straight!


2 Responses to “Its just a matter of finding the right corp…”

  1. You looking for lowsec, or 0.0?

    • Not really looking for another corp, but if the right options come along then all well and good!
      We have one very strong offer on the table, we just need to see how our evemail pans out.

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