Keeping our Options open…

Well, we’ve been upsetting the macro miners in our usual sector… which isn’t always a bad thing.

It’s amazing how many of them behave like macro’s but then deny being so…

From my experience (and yes ok, I have looked at the auto miner packages so I knew what to look for) anyone that repeatedly warps to a set point in a roid belt that they have visited several times before and not found roids needs to rethink thier game style…

The other BIG give aways are… not targetting back, Auto refusing convo and not using drones when under heavy attack from rats… all of which are more to do with the macro setup than game preferences. Also going to 1 belt for a load.. unloading and then next belt for 1 load also makes me suspicious….

Something I had my attention drawn to saddens me. It seems ccp isn’t free from the very same corruption they claim to be fighting. A forum I am a member of had a post on redirecting us to another site (Thanks CNeagle). It talks of people having the Eve source code… including the serverside code which I believe can only have come from 1 place… read this

Anyway… I degress.. We have been mining with some purpose recently due to the projects we have on the go. We have got the parts for the last carrier in the oven as I type… and news from my builder is we ARE going ahead with the Rorqual build. By the time we get there I will be able to also build the components and my Alt will also be well on the road to that option as well. Currently we only have 1 char that can make the bits so we are limited to 10  runs at a time. I don’t know if that can be increased through skills, but she isn’t interested in doing a 35 day skill for 1 extra build slot – and I don’t blame her!!!

Hence the reason we are replacing the minerals almost as fast as we are using them. I say almost because I believe a few things are dropping behind, so I may have to do a few extra belts of 1 specific ore. Over the past few days our corp has grown with some quality players; I love it when new blood comes in and actually want to be doing things as a corp. For that reason we are building an Orca as a corp project. It will mean the corp has 2 (not counting my alts personal ship) so we can spread out a little. We try not to act like locusts when we mine as a corp… 1 of our members has OCD regarding thier roids… I even had to put out a corp mail after someone started mining thier roid…

I think I need to post some guidelines on the corp page as we have been missioning as well. Basically the Yesterdan constilation currently has an incursion so mining is out of the question… I took my nullsec HAC against a few of the rats… and nearly lost it!

Speaking of nearly lost… I nearly lost my Marauder running missions… Basically I was running a level 4 with the wife who was tanking the room, and she said “you may as well turn your defences off!” So I turned off my repper… and forgot when we went to the next room…. It wasn’t until I left the room in structure that I realised what I’d done!!

I may have to do some juggling with my carriers as I don’t fancy having to jump them half way across New Eden. Admittedly nothing is set in stone as of yet… although I have my hopes, things can always go a burton! The current plan is to sell my Moros with the option of maybe buying another one if and when we get a new deployment into nullsec; currently it is just an unusable asset. Another option that occured to me was to break them apart and transport them as “bits”. It would mean having t o buy a bpc to re assembly the components, but it may be less stressfull than jumping 2 caps 6 jumps each. I’m also considering learning “jump drive calibration V”

Don’t fly straight


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