Appologies for the lack of posting… we’ve been waiting to see how this shit-storm ccp have had land on them turns out so we have pretty much lost faith in the game at the moment.

A lot of people are outraged over the cost of items on the “noble exchange” but that part doesnt bother me. If some muppet wants to blow a sizeable chunk of cash for an electronic item for a character that doesn’t actually belong to them…. thats their look out.

What annoys me is the fact CCP are intending on selling items that will affect game mechanics… the one thing they stated they wouldn’t do.
There is also talk of skill points being available to purchase. I’m not sure how true this is, but it will certainly destroy the very sanctity of the game. Age would no longer be an indication to the possible skill levels obtained.
Ok, age is only a vague clue as there are so many routes you could take.. mining, research and construction could tie up a sizeable amount of time. I just did a test on a new character with regards to mining…. getting in a hulk and then completing all the reccommended certificates could take over 200 days.
So that player in “your” sector could be a 2 year industrial pilot, or a 2 year pvp player… the only thing that would really distinguish is a look at thier killboards! If you have the time of course 😀

Skilling up on the gunnery skills at the moment. I’ve got some pretty epic time runs to do, and while I am in the duldrums its a good time to chip away at them.
My wife and I have a bit of rivalry going on regarding gunnery skills. She has been playing a year less than me but has 2 million more skill points in the gunnery section. Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m not lacking in weapons abilies… she just has to take it further! Whilst I was getting the skills togeather for the proposed alliance formation she was working on her guns! I’m doing Trajectory Analysis V at the moment, which I think will be followed by Surgical strike V.
After that I may continue with boosting my T2 projectile skills.

The 4 carriers are built and on the market (yay!)
Rorqual project is all collected (awaiting on 1 of the carriers to sell so we can buy the rares and maybe the bpc’s as well)
Orca corp project… I believe this is all collected; we have the bpc pack – not sure on the rares.
After that we will be collecting minerals to build specific ships. Ones I have to decide we are going to use in any future wars… :s
Because we aren’t in any position to build T3 we can’t build them so the only option is to build other tier 3 bs’s and sell them to get the isk to buy the required ships. Unless of course we do another carrier… which may be the prefered option.

Anyways… don’t fly straight!


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