The big skill up

Well, I continue with my skilling up. I’m currently looking at doing some incursions whilst other corp members hit thier targets…. but this week has been a wash out due to work commitments. I’m travelling to another city everyday for training, and when I eventually get to turn on my laptop, Eve is not high on my list of “must do’s”.

Maybe its all the uproar over Nex, but that current hot potatoe seems to have been put down by a lot of players. I’d be interested to see if all the players that threatened to quit… A) Stuck to thier guns and quit.. and B) remained unsubscribed.

Our corp has been slowly hacking away at the roid belts again, and killing the Sanshas in incursions. One of the Incy runners suggested putting 5% tax on the corp (we have been 0% for a loooong time) and after about 9 days the corp wallet is looking quite healthy. We did want to keep the 0% tax on, but with RL commitments for lots of members the corp wallet wasn’t progressing.

I went back over the cap parts we had left over from that last challenge (1 of each racial carrier), and it appears we have nearly 50% of a carrier in parts 😀

Don’t fly straight…


5 Responses to “The big skill up”

  1. People were quitting over pay2win, not over high prices or vanity items. So many players that unsubbed likely are back

    • To be fair… it was the Paytowin situation that had me considering my Eve future. I’m still not convinced they have decided no to take this destructive path, but if they do lets hope they go there AFTER they have taken better advice… and not just the yes-men (people might be better lol) that they did previously.
      I actually like the idea of a tier system for NEX, and maybe if they had waited and introduced the NEX market with more (and cheaper) options some of they people that were protesting wouldnt have been…

  2. When you look at it eve has had p2w for a while in the form of plex. With some people even spending thousands on plex to get a titan or setup their alliance.

    I don’t see anything else other than character clothes, items, or CQ features being sold for with nex, but the way they just suddenly introduced it with not even a range of price tiers was the main problem for me.

    • yeah, but there is a difference between buying a titan by using plexes and buying extra skill points. When a lot of people go into PVP an look at the age of thier target. If you can buy sp then you can no longer trust that the target has not unfairly tipped the scales in thier favour. It also means those people that have a titan as thier dream ship would have wasted time genuinely skilling up.

      I agree people have been boosting thier ship choices using plexes but I like plexes… mainly because 4 plexes cost around £50 but subscriptions for 2 months cost around £30-£40

      • If ever you can buy sp in eve i will rage for the years invested ;). And you’re definately right, thats how majority of time i decide whether or not its worth a 1v1 or similar fight.

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