Into the unknown

Well, during my duldrum of Eve I tried out an Incursion or 2.

Basically as a corp we have a job to do, but whilst we are gaining the required skills it is pretty – meh.

A group of our members have been running Incs’ so I figured I’d give it a try! Also seeing the 5% the corp gets was also a big draw as a little fast Isk always goes down well.

The basic 3 catagories as I see it in Incs is Logi, Dps or sniper. You do quite often get field command but theres usually only 1 needed so I didn’t think on that one too much.

My first incursion was in a shield Hyperion (fit given to me by a corpie) but the logistics failed and I died very quickly. So I built another, but then was told a Rokh was a better ship…. So I grabbed one of them from stores. I’ve still not tried it yet as I bought and fitted a Basilisk which I took into a load of fleets. I think I’m doing good as no one has dies as yet in a fleet I’m on. I’m 9 days off level 5 logistics which will help in the cap battle. Basically level 4 is the minimum requirement to run a logi properly. If you are in a fleet everyone gives cap to the one below and the one above them (its called cap chain) and keeps all ships cap stable. It appears if you give out 2 lots of cap through a transfer and you have 2 lots coming in… you get more back. Confusing as hell but it works.. lol. Level 5 will mean I will only need 1 cap support to stay stable, meaning the person above or below me will have a spare cap transfer to supply the fleet cap requests.

Shout out to Raver… He is the FC I always try and join; he runs the fleet with a rod of iron…. sometimes its whats needed! He gives clear and confident orders (although how some people misunderstand “align to” and “warp to” is anyones guess!). And yes… Confident is good… I’ve been on too many fleets where the FC

a) sounded like they didnt know what they were doing

b) sounded like they knew what they were doing but didn’t. Sometimes these fc’s get lucky… Yes I’ve flown under JuniorSVK too many times. I’m still not convinced he’s not a spy…


My alt is banging away at her leadership skills ATM. I think I’ve lost direction for her as she’s hit the targets I had in that she can fit and fly ANY amarr ship below capitol. I’ve used her in the past as a logi pilot (I’ve also been working on getting her in a basi) and also a fleet command pilot – so getting all the leadership skills covered is a sensible route in my mind. I think once I hit information warefare 5 I’ll drop her back onto boosting the ship skills to 5, as she has currently only got 12 at level 5. The funny thing is she is closer to a Minmatar logi than caldari… so that may be a better option as I believe they are more cap stable.

Don’t fly straight!


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