Where does the time go?

Wow… lost track of how long it has been since my last post. (too long)

I’ve got big plans for tonight…

Lately I’ve not commited the time to eve that I should have done. I’ve been feeling a little dispondant (is that the word?… F.K.)

3 things have kept me out of eve..

1, time – yes I’m finally working again (week 5) in a fulltime job but that causes me to be knackered a lot as we are handling a lot of heavy items (ok you cant pysically lift a 50 ton generator but the lifting tackle is f-heavy) so I seem to be getting home late with all my other more important commitments.

2, internet connection – my isp hub keeps dropping off… the last 2 occasions were during incursion nights. I’m hoping resetting it before I start will solve that until I can badger my provider to give me a new one to replace my 3 year old hub.

3, Computer bugs – My pc seems to like shutting itself down randomly. I think (and hope) its an overheating problem that may be helped my some good old cleaning of fans so thats my job for tonight! I just hope it wont take too long as I want to run some incursions (If Raver has a free space)

On an Eve front… I’ve been mining more (humpff) and incursioning when I get the chance. Now I’ve ticked off Logistics 5, I’m working on Shield Emissions 5 hopfully perfecting the logi skills for a more efficient set up. I think my main has now passed my Alt in logi skills 😀

My second char is now working on getting all the leadership skills up. Currently I am getting all the specialist gang booster skills to level 4 (for now) as I am persuing the Elite certificates in leadership. I’ve even optimized her atributes for a more efficient training run, and bought 2 +5 implants in charisma and willpower so that has dropped the training time by as much as possible! My ultimate goal with this character is to be able to leave her offgrid in her Damnation and boost either shield/armor tanks or running information warfare ganglinks. The only downside is I dont think there is a lot for the tank of incursion ships although increase abilities in other fields may help.  Its still over 200 days to complete this course of action so I need to decide… wing command 5 or warfare link specialist 5 next…? Ideas anyone? I need to do them both but since they are excrutiatingly long skills I dont want to train the wrong one first!!

I just tried accessing Eveinfo, but it appears the site is alas no more, unless its something to do with my connection from here. I know it wasn’t always up-to-date but it was a handy ball park reference site. The amount of time I have spent on there planning skills for certain ships is quite scarey! I need a new reference site now 😦

Don’t fly straight!


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