Petition Ahoy!

Well, I’ve just submitted petition number 3 over the theft of my Rorqual last year!
An ex-corp mate evemailed me to inform me of an exploit that can be used to take down the shields of a pos which greatly interested me after the unfair theft of my rorqual.

Basically.. my Rorq was left inside the shields of my pos when I went to bed. Only myself and my wife had the roles to touch the pos but whilst we were asleep somehow the shields were taken offline and my ship was removed. After downtime the shields were reset (although IIRC not at 100%).
I know the shields were offline because someone shot at one of my labs for lulz.. as I spoke to him about it. Apparently he was suprised to find an active pos with its shields offline.

I submitted 2 petitions last year and escallated them both, but ccp just swept it under the carpet with “the logs show nothing” – if you call the shields being taken offline, another corp member boarding my ship, someone shooting a structure inside the pos area and the shields being restored after DT nothing….

Yes the theft of the rorqual was annoying but the response and lack of support from ccp was more upsetting.
I still haven’t replaced this ship yet although we have mined all the minerals to build one (all except rares). I’m struggling to commit to getting another one if Eve is so bugged people can just steal it using an exploit.

Don’t fly straight


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