Fisticuffs and Fail fc’s

OK, this is a little bit of a moan, but never the less it may serve a warning to others.

I lost my second ship to an incursion last weekend due to a fail fc and bad fleet setup. I knew it was a mistake when I questioned going into a site with only 2 basilisks but was told we’d be fine. Well we might have been if the fc had been tagging the right targets. It may have been the fleet weren’t following the tags as I was a logi, but when the other basilisk died I announced we were screwed and the fc didnt get the fleet to warp (those that could). I was scrammed so I just kept trying to repair as much as I could before my cap failed. In the end only 2 or 3 ships got out so thats 1 fc I wont fly with again. I believe his name is being reported to BTL as he has a history of loosing fleets…… (My corp mate told me afterwards *facepalm*)

Last night I flew from Ammatar region to Amarr for the incursions and wasted an hour sitting at a planet because the 2 fleets I’d been invited to were forming/reforming and then decided to cancel the fleet. Very annoying.
So I reposted in BTL for another fleet…

“Basi 5 Amarr looking for active fleet” and got invited to another fleet. Now… why did I get invited to an Ammatar fleet 20 jumps off?? It might not have been so bad if I hadn’t flown back from there an hour before!

So I may try again tonight to find a half decent fleet as I’m still trying to rebuild my isk. I like to have around 3.5 bill in my wallet, as financing 3 characters (well 1’s the wifes but since all she does it mine for the corp its only fair we support her!). Only need around 15 vanguard incursions to hit my target. Then I’ll be saving to buy some new toys and fittings so that should keep me going for isk targets lol. Mind you, with having to buy plexes it really cuts into the wallet, so hopfully I can buy a gtc and save the wallet a little 😀


Don’t fly straight!


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