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You know, I’ve lost count the amount of time someone has said “how do you do that?” or “you can’t do that”…

I had a friend say he was struggling to make a window lest transparent…serriously?
He even paid me isk when I told him how to lol

Last night I was running more incursions (yay 3.5 bill target smashed) and a fleet member was asked to pass on someone elses fit… to which he replied “I cant be arsed to save it and repost”. I suggested he just opened the fit and reposted in chat when about 3 people asked “How do you do that”/”can you do that”. Geeze I should start charging for this help 😀

So Yeah… just hit my primary baseline target for isk. Whats next? Well – more saving…
I am thinking about dumping a load of isk into my alts wallet for safe keeping and saving for another logi as backup incase I loose my current isk maker. Then my plan is to save up more isk for a warfund. We have as the corp shed loads of minerals at the moment. Probably enough to make a couple of dreads… and thats ontop of the rorqual minerals which are safely in a can in my hanger!
The Rorqual minerals are in my hanger so they don’t get confused with any other projects that are on-going or planned. I’ve found in the past its easy to mix up job stock, and you end up with 1 project that suddenly has a short fall of mins.

We need to start building that orca as well – we got the bpc’s a while back, but with everything else that was going on we never actually started it! I might get my co-ceo to start this project over the next few days. I would do it, but I’m away in Gallente space atm, dealing with some Sansha scum…
I would be tempted to get myself an orca, but you can’t fit a bs on board 😦
I could do with a ship to carry 2 logis (1 basi and 1 scim) and 1 faction bs (rattlesnake or nightmare). Other than getting my alt to move them (orca or courier contract) theres no easy way of moving the 3 ships. I could effectivly fly the bs myself and use my second char to orca the logis, but I can’t always use my fleet booster account since I allow my wife to use it as a mining assist pilot. She started a new account and just about got her into a hulk, before she decided it was too expensive.
Maybe if I can do these incursions more regularly I could pay for the plexes to cover thier accounts, since they are mining (and orcaing) for the corp. As long as I can afford to buy 1 GTC a month I’m sure I can afford to spend 800 mill on plexes. Nothing else for it.. I’ll just have to make sure I make at least 60 mill a day in eve to buy 4 plexes!

Just a pity this job doesn’t pay a little better! Maybe once I’ve got my feet under the desk properly I’ll be in the postition to request a pay review and then I’ll be able to afford to buy 2 gtc’s (4 plexes) a month!

On a training front, I’m currently learning Minmatar cruiser 5 so I can fly a scim since that are more cap stable than the basi. I’m getting fed up with being in fleets where we can’t do anything because we haven’t got at least 2 basis. We ran fleets on 2 basi and 1 scim last night and quite succesfully. There were some hairy moments where we had 6 targets being attacked and the damage wasn’t really going down, but luckily the incursion battle ended so we could catch up. I may need to start taking charge or the logi’s since I have quite a lot of experiance in the field. The danger is if the logi’s are not sharing out the repairs properly you could end up with people dieing and thats not good! Logistically my repair list is logi first, faction bs next and then everyone else! The problem for logis is they can’t repair themselves so they have to rely on the other logis and with no co-ordination things can go wrong!

I decided to start my second on warfare link specialist V since I didn’t have a clue what to do with her! The skill increases (IIRC) the link effectiveness so its all good!!

Don’t fly straight!


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